Friday, March 2, 2012

New Jersey Devils

View off of Goethals Bridge
between New Jersey and Staten Island

My column is up at the Douglas Budget and you really should read it because if you don't you might one day accidentally go to New Jersey and then you'll be sorry.

Never go to New Jersey on purpose is what I'm saying.

I do feel the teeniest bit bad that I malign that state so much. I'm sure it has its good points, somewhere deep, deep down.

Nothing is all bad, right?

Except for English peas. Those suck no matter what you do to them.

So go here and read it and maybe "like" it if you're on Facebook. If you're feeling froggy, send me some money; small, unmarked bills are preferable. No actual frogs please.


These pictures were taken near Elizabeth, New Jersey, an industrial area and home to Newark-Elizabeth airport, where 32 million passengers came through last year and then got out as fast as they could. Presumably.

 Ok, New Jersey, you have a nice sky. There. I said something nice.


  1. I tried to "like",then "unlike", and then repeat a few hundred times so that it would have a lot of likes. Apparently that didn't work... Yet. I'll keep trying.

  2. One word: craptacular. I've never been there, but judging from your pictures (and yes, I am judging) that place looks positively craptacular.

    I really enjoyed your article, but I couldn't "like" like it because I'm still trying to get into the guinness book for being the last human under the age of 92 who's not on Facebook.

  3. well, being from NY (originally)...and having been through Elizabeth...many times...yeah, it's one of those places you just have to hold your nose or hold your breath all the way through. does it still STINK?

    i always really liked the name Goethals. kind of GOTH that where batman came from...

  4. Christian, as always I appreciate your efforts to make things happen your own way by ignoring the so-called rules created the so-called rulers and imposing your will over silly things like Facebook protocol. Rome wasn't built by rule followers! (or maybe it was, I have no idea, really. It wasn't built quickly, I know that.)

    Robyn, that's ok if you can't like it like it, I'm just happy to have my words read. But now that the word is out, the Science People probably want to probe your brain to find out what kind of super-power you have that restrains you from joining Facebook. Stay away from people in white labcoats.

    Laura, I don't really notice a stink when we go through there, but htat could possibly be because I'm so nervous in all that aggressive traffic, that I'm holding my breath the whole time!

    It's funny you mention Batman. We passed an exit called Bat Cave in North Carolina a few days ago. I wasn't fast enough to get a picture, but I don't think they should advertise it like that. It's supposed to be a secret.

  5. Good to find the silver lining, right?


  6. Stephanie, yes we do. Seriously, reeeally.

  7. I'm estatic to know there's another human under 92 out there who is not on facebook besides me. I too, will need to be on the lookout for the men in white labcoats. Wait, that was rather sexist. I should say the people in white labcoats. Who said only men get to be scientists. I just don't get the appeal of Facebook. Of course, I've never spent any time there. So maybe if I did, I would understand its appeal.
    Anyway, as for NJ, I must say that the skyline in the pictures you posted wasn't necessarily what I would call nice but it was definitely interesting to look at. Very ominous looking. Really good pics.

  8. Cari, beware the Science People. Especially the chauvinistic ones, the bastards.

    Well that just shows how bad New Jersey is, that I could only find ominous pictures! ;)

  9. Aaah, New Joisy - ya' gotta' love it! (I've never been there, so I can say that...) But as a true westerner, I know that the entire east coast stinks.... OK, if you're from there, I didn't mean that.

    You article in the paper was good, like always. I'm so happy for you that you really are "in print".

    Have a safe week out there!

  10. Thanks Ladybug! If I could just figure out a way to be in print enough to make a living at it!!


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