Douglas on the Road Columns

I write an occasional humor column for the Douglas Budget, my local newspaper in Douglas, Wyoming.  It's a great weekly newspaper and they publish my column when they have nothing else a couple of times a month.  The sheriff's report is pretty funny too; antelopes are always breaking the law.

You can read the published columns here:

09.21.11  The Killer Wore Loafers

11.02.11 Oddballs and Chickens on YouTube

11.09.11  Bugging Out on the Road

12.21.11 Life Can Be Lived in a Small Space

12.28.11 Oh Give Me a Home! Where the Demon Egg-Pods Don't Roam

01.04.12 Looking Forward

01.25.12 Wyoming's Wind: the good and the bad

02.15.12 Try Something New Play with your Food

02.22.12 Technology and Massive Underground Tunnels

02.29.12 Go Fast or Die in New Jersey

03.14.12 Confessions of a Pesky Passenger

03.21.12 The End of a Tumbleweed

03.28.12 Organizational Freak Makes Number Crunching Easy

04.04.12 Where's Winter?

04.25.12 Segway to the Future

05.02.12 A Conversation with Myself

05.30.12 Math, Math Everywhere

06.06.12 Why is there a Red Spikey Thing??

06.27.12 Tumbleweeds Could Make Someone Rich

07.11.12 'Alone' Time Shared with Kids