Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Avoiding Actual Work

Procrastination: Immaturity or congenital defect?

What I should be doing right now:
adding and subtracting numbers
writing numbers down in a book
punching numbers into a calculator.
thinking about numbers for the future.

What I am doing right now?
Reading other people's blogs, eating peanuts, thinking about my next meal, staring off into space...My mind is a complete blank and I feel like a slug.

I've had a throat full of razor blades for the past week and just basically felt like a bag of poop. I'm all better now except for the fact that there is real work to do in my official capacity as sandwich maker Bookkeeper and I am avidly avoiding it.

The only reason I'm even doing this blog post is so that I can avoid writing numbers down. 

I'm 40 now. I expected this kind of immature behavior to disappear when I hit such an adult sounding number.

I'm not one of those people that see those 0 ending birthdays as a super big deal. It just sounds so...responsible, like I should be running a corporation or building a spaceship or something. Oh well. I can't get too worked up about it, I have to spend my energy avoiding the calculator.

What does it mean? I don't know but I didn't have the
energy to take a new picture. This is what 40 looks like when you can't
build spaceships. Get over it.


  1. All I could come up with is one word for 40 and beyond - stablize!

  2. Stable?!?!! me? the dictionary says: SANE and SENSIBLE, NOT EASILY UPSET OR DISTURBED...surprisingly, my picture is NOT next to this description!

  3. One of the funniest blogs yet I'm still giggling as I type. I can identify with ageless immaturity.

  4. Thanks Doug! I like the phrase ageless immaturity, I'm stealing it!! :0)

  5. me too me too...ageless immaturity! at 57...yikes! did i say that? do i feel that? did i ever think i'd actually get here? HOW did i get here? (now i have that REM song stuck in my head...)
    the actual # doesn't's how ya ya think...

    oh, and i can relate...feeling like a slug...a bag of poop...ha! go ahead...avoid...keep always make me smile...laugh...and not feel so alone!

    hey...and what's that new profile pic? kinda looks like crop circles, but not circles...a person's outline? cool!!
    keep on trucking...tumbleweed...:]

    beep beep...

  6. Thanks Laura! That's my grass angel I made in California... more colorful than a snow angel with the added benefit of not getting snow in your underpants! not that I lay down in the snow in my underpants....*very often*...

  7. oh yeah...more colorful than a snow angel! a sand angel would be the worst...don't attempt that one!
    so, how'd you do that? inquiring minds want to know! :]

  8. Hee hee! What a neat way to end the day with your latest! too clever and love the pic. Hilarious. Good night Tumbleweed wherever you are:) k9whskrs.

  9. Thanks k9whskrs! Maybe maturity will come on slowly and I can get that spaceship built!

  10. Grow up.. LIKE....Are you gonna do this all your life? Really? your old 40 wow....

    Heywood Jablowme

  11. I know! But I'm like 40 in reverse dog years 40/7 plus pi. That's like 12.

  12. remember are you gonna do this all your life? I got to 2nd base with her?

  13. She was a math major, ha let's see where THAT gets her, it's not like math is a real thing!

  14. Robin Hood said; lets go hither thither and yon and rob some rich guys.

  15. Ha! I'm too lazy even to rob rich guys!

  16. That pic is cool and all.. you need to check this guys blog out..

    Heywood Jablowme


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