Monday, March 14, 2011

WhirlyBall, JellyBellys and Glass Trees

Hither, thither and yon.

Who talks like that? 

Anyway the Tumbleweeds have been all over the place. 

Two-lane roads in New Hampshire and Vermont, a pretty drive if you go for the up and down and sea-sicky kind of road. 

We came through right after an ice storm and it was like something out of a fairy-tale. Miles and miles of ice covered everything; trees, bushes, power lines, small farm animals. It all looked like it was made of glass. I just wanted to run through it all and hit it with a baseball bat to hear it tinkle.

It was all quaint and New England-y. We passed by a warehouse that made snow-shoes and saw a sign for a violin maker. It was a lot like Boyz in the Hood for white people.

Oddly, in New Hampshire they have a rest area/state liquor store. What a great combination! Live Free or a drunk driving accident after a "safety break" at liquor store rest stop!  

WhirlyBug for WhirlyBall
A better way to drink and drive would be WhirlyBall. We saw a billboard for this in Chicago and it's like bumper cars and lacrosse/whiffle ball/basketball in a bar. We want to go to there. 

Other highlights include going through the Center of the World in Ohio. Not as exciting as it sounds, even the waitress didn't know what it meant. Apparently just some made up name by an overreaching businessman.

We passed by a Jelly Belly factory in Wisconsin where they give free tours and have dancing chorus lines of Jelly Bellys. But did we stop? Noooooo. We gotta drive around in a big truck delivering stuff like toilet paper and popcorn oil to earn a living and not be homeless. *Boring*

Strange Fact: Jelly Belly jelly beans are Kosher but the company also makes Swedish Fish and they are not. But they aren't the original Swedish Fish makers, apparently and if you search for Swedish Fish long enough on the Google you will go crazy.

Actually, that might just be me.


  1. Chorus line of dancing jelly bellys? I want to go to THERE.

  2. I know, right? There's a big world out there!

  3. small farm animals and ice covered also, life is good!

  4. Ha! you'd be singing a different tune if you were trying to milk a frozen cow...although maybe that's how they make ice cream!

  5. Hither, thither and yon... sounds like Willy Wonka talk to me... The Umpa Lumpas talk like that... I just went to the Aligator farm in St. Aug.. I know your brave and all. They have zip lines that go over the alligator pens.. You got ballz? I'm gonna do it soon...

    Heywood Jablowme

  6. Yeah I would do it because I know the secret of how to evade alligators if they ever go after you; run in a zig zag. They don't scare me.

  7. ...sounds like an adventure! from a fairyland ice world to a rest stop liquor store (hey! we coulda used THAT one as we ran outa RUM in GA and had to search for a NON dry county...ended up having to cross state lines...)...THEN going through the center of the world...(did u find yourself in china?) Jelly Bellys...have u seen their flavors? worse...have you TASTED them? vomit...worms...boogers...rotten eggs...dirt...
    hmmmm kosher puke!?
    hey! thanks for taking me on this ride! :]

  8. Dry counties?! Only in the south! I have seen those flavors, was only brave enough to try dirt. Tasted as advertised, so I don't want to try the others!!

  9. oh yeah...dry as a BoNE!
    we went into a walmart...thinking, well maybe they don't sell liquor...but BEER? we asked the cashier...she looked at us like we were sent by the DEVIL! haha!

    and the jelly would we even know if what they say they taste like...really does?! yuck. don't even wanna think about that one...
    i'll stick with the black licorice!



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