Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big Foot BBQ and Bathroom Bling

As I've said before, the Tumbleweeds have been in some questionable bathrooms and showers at truck stops. The truck stop in Big Cabin Oklahoma is one of the better ones we've come across. You think, so what? All cool with your own bathroom that has only your cooties and you can shut the door and brush your teeth without people staring at you or mistaking you for a man.

Public Bathroom Episode#134
Me: *Brushes teeth at sink.*
Stupid Person Mistaking Me for Man:*Opens door, looks at me as if I'm OJ Simpson putting on tiny gloves, double checks the sign on the door. Walks in tentatively, clutching sweater tightly.*
Me: *Squinty eyes*

This happens more often that I would like to admit. I pawn it off on the fact that I am tall and give out some kind of capable ninja vibe, but more likely it's that I have short hair and (have been told) that I dress like a 5th grade boy. 

Anyway, this truck stop has such classy showers that they make a little point on the toilet paper AND sanitize the seat for my protection. That's high rollin' in the trucking world! The opposite of this would be the time we had to take a shower in a closet in the men's room in Arkansas. The entire room closet was cootie-ized for my disgust. It was like the Bizarro World version of the one in Oklahoma.

In our quest to eat BBQ in every state, we recently dined on Big Foot in Caddo, Oklahoma. The menu said it was pork, but really, how would you know? My only quibble with this place was that the BBQ sauce was cold, straight out of the refrigerator. This is profoundly wrong. 

In a completely unrelated, except for the name, bit of trivia, Caddo lake in north east Texas has cooties of its own; an invasive weed known as salvinia molesta. It has velcro-like grippy things and can double itself every 4 days, creating a layer on top of the water that smothers everything underneath.  What else could you expect with the name molesta?

Coming out of Houston. They put stars on everything in Texas.

Tangled web of Houston


  1. Wow those roads are crazy... Did you actually stop to take those pictures. I am amazed about your fascination with bathrooms, but I do see your point if its where you have to use it. Your quest to eat bbq in all states is a good mission..

  2. Nope, we were going 52 1/2 mph at the time...yes, maybe I am a tad fixated on public bathrooms, but you would be too if you had to share them with all of America! Thanks for reading!

  3. I'm still laughing. I like "Anonymous's" comment too.Tumbleweed you're a riot!

  4. There is only one option now, You must grow the hair long and blond, boob job, and take a picture of PAM ANDERSON to the plastic surgeon and presto, no more bathroom troubles. Oh yeah and you cand get a job at the beach! OR, option #2 would be to stay the same because that is how we like you!!!

  5. I took a two month road trip once -- so I completely understand the restroom fascination. Finding a nice one is like winning a jackpot. So to speak.

  6. Doug, you're laughing WITH me and not AT me, right?!?lol

    @ Glen, awww I'm all warm and fuzzy now, and it's not just the mold on our bread!

    Brutalism, yes exactly and almost as rare!

  7. hey!! that truckstop deserves some kind of award! the bathroom looks more cootie-less than some of the motels i've been to...or even restaurant or fast-food bathrooms! >>when you more or less...LIVE on the road...i think taking note of bathrooms is a PLUS! and THAT one looks like it deserves a 'let's go out of our way a little' go back to THAT one!

    i agreee with ya on the BBQ sauce...cold? no way...NOT how it's supposed to be!

    and that 'molesta' plant in TX...yikes! sounds like it came from...someplace else...outer space. smothers everything underneath? JUST plant life??

    OH, the things you see on the road! thanks for the WILD rides! :]

  8. Hey Laura, thanks! i think Molesta from Mars would make a good movie!
    I may be a little over-excited about bathrooms, possibly I need a hobby...but, I mean really, the toilet was sanitized just for me! I feel like Sally Field winning the academy award!!

  9. Molesta from Mars...with Darth Vader mittens...on ALL of Molesta's hands!

    keep on truckin'.....

  10. Yikes! Now THAT would be truly scary!

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