Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Tumbleweed Holiday

Last week the Tumbleweeds were off the road and out of the truck. We spent a few days with family in Sarasota, where we swam right after eating during a tornado because we're rebels like that. We had our own bathroom and we saw lots of old people, but not in our bathroom. That's just creepy.

Turtle Beach on Siesta Key

Sarasota, Florida has more old people per square mile than anywhere on Earth. Restaurants are crowded at 4pm and if you come here during Snow Bird Season, any point between Labor Day and Easter, you will hear more wise-guy accents than in Jersey or Brooklyn. No one is from Sarasota; to move here you need to have lived in the North East or at least been an extra on the Sopranos. I think it's a law.

The sand here is very shell-y and coarse while just a couple of miles north the sand is powdery and white. The white sand is soft and cool but the Tumbleweeds like the rough, scratchy feel of the shells on our feet.

It was a beautiful stormy day, my favorite time to be at the beach. Just up the coast they were having tornado warnings, but here it just made lovely clouds and kept away the crowds.

Himself and Mr. Blue. The bus has been in the family
since 1978 and is all original.

Great Blue Heron giving me the beady eye.
These birds stand guard all along the beach and will let you get quite close before taking off. 

The other bird that is common here is the Snow Bird. They arrive in great swarms during the winter months, drive their Buicks 20 mph under the speed limit, make left turns from the right lane and wear sweaters when the temperature dips below 80 degrees.

Tumbleweed Toes
Bird Toes

Himself and a Great Blue Heron in a staring contest.
Do not engage in a staring contest
with a Snow Bird. They will
call the police.


  1. I've never been to Sarasota, but the demographic sounds remarkably like West Palm Beach, where my sister lives. At her local Publix grocery store, there is an ENTIRE AISLE dedicated to prune products.

  2. I believe it Brutalism. I might swim during a tornado but i would NOT get between an old person and the prune aisle!!

  3. comparing toes crazy funny

  4. ha! the bird has nicer toes than me though!

  5. Gee Wally you really came down hard on the Beaver.... The magic bus looks the same... I would like to take the emblem off the front and hang it off my gold chain. Flavor Flave style.. What was in the cooler? They make shoes for the beach now that are like slippers for the beach so the shells don't hurt your feet.I see a the resemblance in the birds legs and yours.. NEVER NEVER expose those toes to the general population again. Does the Dr. think he canhypnotize the bird into doing whatever he says? Shalom and Amen...

  6. The cooler was full of organic beet juice and raw vegetables.
    The shells don't hurt Tumbleweed feet. We like it rough.
    You can't see my legs.
    My toes can hypnotize are getting very sleepy....

  7. ...nice thing about a lot of places along the florida that when the sun is hiding...or the wind is can have the beach, the shells, the birds, the crabs...all to yourself!

  8. So true, Laura, I love bad weather for that reason! and despite using all those public restrooms on the road..I don't have crabs! ;)

  9. I'm a newbie here, but enjoy your blog very much. Himself should win an award of some kind, but on 2nd thought, I guess that might be YOU. He must be very rump-sprung by now & your fingers must be stiff from those radio buttons...take care out there on the road.

  10. Howdy Ladybug and thanks for riding along! He would take his award in all ice-cream if there was one!!


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