Saturday, April 23, 2011

One Man, One Million Miles.

I have been remiss in giving Himself props for passing a trucking milestone. He has driven 1 million safe miles in his second career as truck driver. One Million!!

Uh. Your champagne is on fire.

Actually it is 1,082,941 miles and counting. That's a lot of driving! No accidents or incidents and only a couple of dirty looks from people in New Jersey, but really that's to be expected.

Here are some facts:
*You would have to circle the Earth 40 times at the equator to travel 1 million miles.

*You would have to go from NYC to LA over 3,000 times to travel 1 million miles.

*You would be far short of the sun if you traveled 1 million miles from Earth because it is 93 million miles away and you would be in the middle of nowhere and besides you would melt before you ever go there anyway. Sheesh, what were you thinking?

* I have been with Himself in the truck for 432,941 of those miles, which is roughly 876,000 hours and he has several times not even once threatened to leave me on the side of the road. The man is a saint.

Way to go!!
(and thanks)


  1. Congratulations Heit. You 2 miss tumbleweed. You've got to be an extraordinary couple to be as close as you are constantly in such close quarters. Double congratulations to the Trucking Tumbleweeds. Hooray!!!!!!

  2. hey! congratulations is definitely in order for you 2!!
    that's a lot of miles...that's a lot of hours...and to think the only time you get apart is when you're checking out some bathroom!
    keep it up! :)

  3. Wow!!! Truly amazing, phenomenal, stupendous, terrific, remarkable feat! Of course, what would you expect from such a terrific
    himself married to a marvelous tumbleweed as yourself!:) Way to go tumbleweeds!! Happy Easter!! K9whskrs and m little Captain Molly.

  4. Congrats! (Those decals from back in the day that said Keep on Truckin' are now stuck in my head...)

  5. Thanks for the kind adjectives K9whskrs and Captain Molly!!

    Hey Brutalism, thanks! It could be worse, you could have the manamana doo doo doo song stuck in your head!

  6. Congradulations are in order!!! I have only driven a total 0f 16 miles back and forth too work!

  7. Well that's not gonna get you to the moon any time soon!!

  8. no one has been or ever will make it too the moon baby!

  9. Poor Glen, you have flipped off your dirt bike one too many times!! :0)


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