Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

I won! I won! I shot the BB gun.
You lost! You lost! You ate tomato sauce!

I have no idea what that means, but it was a saying when I was in elementary school and I did win a very prestigious contest.

Life is looking a little brighter today now that I'm famous. Please, don't look at me directly, I'm way too shiny.

I have been following Brütalism on her crazy artistic journey of Peeps Diorama stardom. You see, every year, she and her demented friend, Hillary create a masterpiece of marshmallow art to compete among other insane creative people in a contest sponsored by The Washington Post. 

Blue Peep Group
Last year's creation

After years of being ignored by the snobby Washington Post, they branched out and submitted their creation to the Chicago Tribune and now they are finalists in the Peep Diorama Contest.

Live on Larry Peep
Vote for this
(a Peep with ear hair!!)
How does all this make me a winner, you ask? Well, first of all, it opened my eyes to a world I never knew, where people make beautiful art out of tasty marshmallow. Also I WON A CONTEST AND NOW I'M QUEEN OF THE INTERNET!

This is my prize package!!

Because I am a creepy stalker witty genius (wenius??) I get a bunch of cool stuff.
Go here and read all about it. And see my wenius at work.

The voting ends Thursday at noon so don't delay. Go vote now for Larry Peep Live. And do it more than once. Thanks Brütalism! May the Peeps be with you.


  1. Fabulous prize pack being put in the mail should have your big winnins in a few days, I would guess.

    Thanks so much for entering!

  2. i won i won i won i won i won i won i won!!
    (the more you type the word won, the wronger it looks) But. I. WON.

  3. may I get your autograph?

  4. Only if you don't make eye contact. And give me money for it. This famous business doesn't pay too well!

  5. i KNEW you were FUNNY!!
    i'm second in my sun glasses on...

    i never liked those peeps.
    the only way i like marshmallows...are BURNT to a crisp at the end of a stick!

    (hmmmm...just had a pleasantly disturbing image...of a peep...with a stick up its......and flaming...)

  6. That is NOT a nice thing to do to an innocent little Peep!!
    Of course, I DO like to eat them and I guess that really isn't very nice either. :)P

  7. but it does make me wonder what they taste like toasted?! they're not really like regular marshmallows.

    so when you eat them, what end do you bite first? do you decapitate it...or chomp off the butt end? does it matter? no. :]

  8. You know, they might not be bad toasted, it would caramelize the sugar...mmmm will have to try that.

    Definitely head first. It's a quicker, more humane kill.


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