Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Road Runner and the German Air Force

This picture is courtesy of the
Desert Expo
Some people don't have to make sandwiches.

We have driven past by this roadrunner sculpture several times and somehow always manage to *forget* to stop. I must be making sandwiches when we go by. Himself likes to point out things at the last minute so he can watch me scramble to get the camera out and try to take a picture. A lot.

His head pokes up on the horizon like the Lochness Monster and you can see the 20 foot tall bird off of I-10 going east. If you aren't making sandwiches, you can get to it from a rest area just before Las Cruces. It is made of trash and landfill finds. The white belly on the bird is mostly tennis shoes. I think all art from now on should be made of trash. In fact I am going to go the trash can and deposit some art right now. As Kermit says, It's not easy being green.

An action photo taken by me at the
last possible second.

They are so revered they get their own parkway!

THE Roadrunner
A roadrunner

This should be the part of the story where I tell you all the nifty things about the roadrunner, the real bird and the cartoon, but I can't because we have been invaded by Germany and that is a much bigger news story.

Oh, wait. Never mind. False alarm. The Google says that it's legit but
it's not every day that you get passed by a bus from the German Air Force Flying Training Center while drive through the American desert. They have been using our airspace to train their own Air Force at Holloman AFB in New Mexico since 1996. 

German Tornado fighter jet
See how they're sneaking in their stuff in our stuff??

First their Air Force comes creeping over here, what's next? Before you know it we'll have every other week off for a national holiday, a woman for president and beer for lunch. Wait a minute...how is that wrong???


  1. Himself must stay hungry, you are always making sandwiches?

  2. Be Nice. I know some people from Germany!

  3. Very interesting. The Germans are not who the government wants to be our boogy man now.

  4. beep beep.
    save sandwich making for when you're stopped. beep beep. give him ready made snacks. beep beep. pass the beer! beep beep. Auf Wiedersehen. :)

  5. @ Glen, and you aren't scared of them invading!?
    @ Anon., no, the are no longer the boogy man, they are too busy going on holiday!
    @Laura, the bad part is, that if I wait till we stop, I won't make sandwiches, I'll get something good and greasy at a truck stop! It's so easy to eat bad on the road. =)
    Zu Beepen oder nicht beepen, das ist die frage.

  6. well then sounds like you need a camera mount for your head...with a mouth trigger...while you make sandwiches with your hands!
    beepen beepen!

  7. Oh, I have a mouth trigger! It's just not connected to a camera!! =)

  8. ha! well...you WERE saying how you miss some good 'shots' cause you're busy making sandwiches...
    maybe it's time to learn to do something else with that...mouth...than....

  9. You can't teach an old girl new tricks!

  10. ummmmmmmmm...i'm trying to think of something clever....to say....uhhhhh...

    maybe after i have another cup o coffee.....


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