Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Food and Goofy Signs

Juniors Seafood
9349 Main St
Jacksonville, FL

As the Tumbleweeds left Florida, we stopped by our favorite local seafood joint in Jacksonville. Juniors is in a nondescript building in the middle of nowhere; they are good and have truck parking. Sometimes we're stuck with only the truck parking part and have to eat whatever is there, so it's a real treat when the food actually tastes good.

They really know how to fry shrimp here and only in the
south can you get black-eyed peas with seafood!
nom nom nom..

The Tumbleweed Holiday is officially over and now we're headed west to Arizona. 

***Weird Sign Alert**
Rest area in Texas. He's looking for
motorcycles. And a meth dealer.

A series of signs in New Mexico proclaimed:
Caution Dust Storms May Exist  *also BigFoot and global warming*
Use Extreme Caution  *not just the regular kind*
Zero Visibility Possible * if you're Stevie Wonder*

That is one tiny bull.

Hmm...not sure what they are they trying to say here?

This is at a rest area with about two "real" spaces for trucks, so we ended up parking here because:
1. We're rebels like that. Always fighting the Man.
2. I would have peed my pants otherwise

Go west young (ish) Tumbleweed


  1. The shrimp and peas look AWESOME! Sadly for me, 13 years ago my ass of an ex-husband decided to educate me as to which animal kingdom shrimp actually belonged to. While I was eating them at a fancy restraunt (sp). I have never had shrimp again. I blame him. Bastard.

  2. looks like a pretty good meal to me...yum. shrimp!

    signage! funnage!
    keep rebelling!!

  3. Yvonne, I agree, he is a bastard. As far as I'm concerned, shrimp come from the kingdom of tasty!

    Laura, if only those signs were misspelled!

  4. don't matter that they're not misspelled...they're too funny as is!!
    mmmmmm...fried shrimp,hush puppies,blk eyed peas...making my stomach growl...and it's not even 7AM!
    happy sunday...where ever u may be...

  5. I've eaten at Juniors many times, being a resident of Jacksonville, Fl. I'll vouch for quality, quantity and taste of those shrimpys.
    Maybe you ought to ask Santa for a nice decorative "slop jar" for Christmas for those emergencies

  6. Laura, it's never too early for shrimp, mmm shrimp and grits!

    Doug, you can go to to vote for them and...ewww!

  7. Good evening Tumbleweed and Himself! I love signs and have always thought of collecting pics of coffee shop signs in the NW as there are, at least, two on every block so they have to be creative with names. Heard from my Uncle Sock this evening via cyberspace-tickled as can be:)Oh yum-grits and fish and shrimp and hush good to connect and to be able to follow you on your adventures. Be safe, til next time K9whskrs.

  8. Thanks for riding along k9whskrs! Those coffee shops every 2 blocks are one of my favorite things about the northwest, that and the fact that I know some pretty cool people there! :0)

  9. The furthest way about is the nearest way home.


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