Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Virtual Traffic Jam in a New York Minute (which is an hour and a half)

I have written before about driving a big truck through the Big Apple and what fun that can be and last week was no exception.

Traffic was so bad that it took us an hour and a half to get from Queens to Staten Island, about 11 miles.

In between being freaked out because:

A. For some reason every overpass is marked with a height of 12'9" (we are 13'6"). Even though I know those signs are lying bastards, I duck my head in fear of being decapitated every time.


B. The traffic in NYC is very aggressive, almost as bad as New Jersey and people dart, weave and cut in front of us trying to give me a heart attack on purpose. (yes the world revolves around me and it is trying kill me)

I had time to take lots of pictures. And now I will take you on a virtual tour of NYC traffic because I am generous like that. You. Are. Welcome.

Oops. Too much traffic for the
George Washington Bridge.
So we headed south to
the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

How come all those buildings
don't sink Manhattan?

Historic Calvary Cemetery.
Aunt Jemima is buried there.

Ugh. Traffic this way too.

A tree grows in Brooklyn.

Huh. I thought Broadway would
be a lot more glittery.
Or at least Neil Patrick Harris-y. 

She said yes.

Example of a 12'9" lie.
One World Trade Center
under construction.

Approaching the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.
It was the Verrazano Bridge that played a
prominent role in Saturday Night Fever.
Trivial Pursuit got it wrong.

View from the top of the bridge.

Ft. Wadsworth, one of America's oldest
military forts.
Also homebase to G.I. Joe.

Ahh, the final NYC bridge for us,
the Goethals.
Our trailer is nano inches from the railing.
That sucker is narrow.

Yay! We made it out of New York.
Crap. Now we're in New Jersey.


  1. been raised in NY...and NEVER driven there...i gotta give you credit. something i would never want to do. i hyperventilate just thinking about it.

    but you have made me home sick. it's STILL hard to look at the skyline...

    1. I wouldn't mind living--very temporarily-- in NYC if money were no object, just to have the experience. One of those huge open loft spaces with a great view, yeah, that would be cool. All the crowds of people, not so much.

  2. Similarly to how a New York minute is an hour and a half a New York 12'-9" is actually 18'-6".

    1. Ha! I wonder what a New York midget looks like?

  3. Hi TT! I found your blog through Laura's and have been reading for a while now. I love road trips, so I'm enjoying yours vicariously. It's many years since I was in New York city - loved seeing these pics :)

    1. Good to have you along Alexia! I love the blogging community and how I can get a glimpse of another world right from the seat of a truck--even across the open sea. ;)

  4. I learned to drive in New York City, so I know all about that! In fact, I remember the first time I drove on my own somewhere OTHER than NYC I was totally confused at the lack of obstacles and the ability to turn right on a red. :)

    1. Ha! It must have been confusing. That should make you qualified for pretty much anything in life!

  5. I can't believe they, highway officials, can get away with those blatant lies they tell about thue height of their overpasses. What if you didn't know it was a lie. You would be so busy detouring and trying to find an overpass you can get under that you would never get to your destination. I absolutely, can't imagine fighting that kind of traffic everyday or for that matter for even one day.

    1. I would love to know what in the world is the point of putting those signs up. The one time we believed them and got off was a huge mistake and a cop had to stop traffic for us to get through a mis-marked one.

      The trip through NYC and NJ keeps me in a constant state of near heart attack. Good times!

  6. Is NYC traffic worse than traffic on the I-405 in LA? I remember driving into LA and it took 1 hour to go 5 miles. Big cities kind of suck for drivers.

    I would also live to live in NYC for a short period of time if money were no object, which means I will probably never live there.

  7. I think LA traffic is worse because they have more roads, more space, and still have all that traffic, at all times of the day. And the smog, ugh! I don't think I'd move to LA no matter what kind of money I had.


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