Wednesday, March 14, 2012

If You're Pesky and You Know it Clap Your Hands!

Tooting my own horn, just like this guy.

Today is Wednesday and that means you can read my column at the Douglas Budget. (Hint: I'm clapping my hands right now.)

Also, it's March 14 which is Pi (π) Day and if you want a fun way involving ugly cakes to learn the first 7 digits* of the ratio of circumference to diameter for a circle then you should have clicked several words ago.

But not before you go read my column and find out just how comforting UFO music can be.

A behind the scenes look of a Tumbleweed at work.
I look up facts so you don't have to.
You're welcome.

* Since Pi is an irrational and transcendental number it can be calculated past the decimal into the trillions and you don't have that kind of time to memorize it so just stick with seven.

Also, I have been irrational on many occasions, so me and Pi have something in common. (Pi and I?)


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the "we are crashing" in a monotone robot like voice. It is much less startling than yelling.

    I think I'm going to start using it. Like when the dentist scrapes a little too hard while cleaning or anytime someone disagrees with me at work.

  2. Christian, I'll bet it totally works. Especially when people are disagreeing. Telling them they are stupid will be way less threatening coming from a robotic voice, I'm sure.

  3. My husband is going to be so glad I read this post. Instead of white-knuckling the door handle, pumping my imaginary brakes and sharply sucking all the oxygen out of the car's interior, I can just calmly say, "We are going to die." It'll still alarm the children, but at least I won't get a big lecture about how I don't give him enough credit for his "impeccable" driving record.

    1. Robyn, what's the harm of a little mental damage to your children if it helps you avoid a big lecture?? I should write a parenting book, probably.

  4. Well, now I know why I was born on March 14. It's pi day. Which is an irrational number. Which explains why I cannot for the life of me pin myself down to seven digits. Whew. And I thought I was just neurotic.

    1. Isn't nice to know that there is a reason for everything? And that it's not you it's them. I find that very comforting, as that's how I explain most things to myself. =)

      Thanks for riding along!!


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