Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hotdoggers and Hobo Beavers

Life on the road is a sometimes entertaining, sometimes strange look into the human condition.

We got passed by a Weinermobile the other day in Pennsylvania but we never got a chance to ketchup to it for a better picture.

There are 6 such Weinermobiles driving around the country at any given time and if you calculate that number with some more numbers, the odds are like 11 billion to 3 so now we are putting all our money in Oscar Meyer and Denny's.

Did you know that the drivers of the Weinermobile are called Hotdoggers and you need a four year degree, preferably in public relations, to become one?

In other random news this stuffed Beaver was found tied to a tree in the parking lot of Cabela's™ (World's Foremost Outfitter™) in Sidney, Nebraska:

Hobo Beaver and Jas square off.

Hobo Beaver plays dead.
Nice move Hobo Beaver.

Jas investigated and found that the beaver was not a threat. She was just itching for a good chase but the mysterious beaver only played dead.

Why would somebody do this? I have no idea. The beaver couldn't have been there very long, he looked brand new. Maybe it was a hobo beaver just taking a rest.


Things got even stranger when we went inside Cabela's™ (World's Foremost Outfitters™). We saw a lady walking around with a fake baby monkey in one of those sling things that you are supposed to put real babies in.

I thought it was real, that's how good looking this baby monkey was, but I didn't have my camera with me and the truck was across the Arctic Tundra that is the Cabela's™ (World's Foremost Outfitter™) parking lot so I don't have proof.

I stalked her for awhile, hiding behind various outfitter products but soon got distracted by all the shiny things and dead animals they have posed throughout the store.

I did type into the Google, lady carrying baby monkey in a sling, and got hugamonkey, a company that makes baby slings for human babies.

Way to be a false advertiser hugamonkey people!

This is not the monkey baby I saw in Cabela's™ (World's Foremost Outfitter™), because this one lives in England and thinks that a teddy bear is her mother.

I'm just glad she doesn't think a stuffed beaver is her mother because I hate flying.


  1. I think being passed by a Wienermobile is like having a black cat walk by you but in the opposite fashion. It means you're going to have a lot of good fortune with regards to hotdogs in the near future.

  2. Christian, that's even better than I thought!!

  3. This post raises so many questions, like how fast was that wienermobile GOING when it passed you and immediately gained an insurmountable lead? And do these hotdoggers have to take a safe driving test? And where can I get a realistic baby monkey? And do I owe you a commission for all this great investment advice?
    I fail to see anything unusual about the beaver, though. It's clearly an environmentalist beaver who heard Cabela's was going to cut that tree down, so he chained himself to it. Beavers cut trees down too, but they don't understand irony.

  4. Robyn, we'll call it even; since I can't answer those questions you can have the investment advice for free. (Finding a realistic baby monkey is not as easy as it would seem. Trust me.)

    Hobo Beaver an environmentalist? Of Course! Why didn't I see that?? They are such principled animals. But a little stupid too, I guess, since they don't understand irony.

  5. I really hope when they hire Wienermobile drivers that they say, "You really know your way around a wiener, you're hired!" That would make me happy for like two seconds.

    And there's this little metal angel nailed to the bottom of a telephone pole on my dog walking route. I wonder if she and the beaver know each other.

  6. Carrie, I know, right?! I may get a degree in PR and apply, if this astronaut thing I'm thinking of doing doesn't pan out.

    On your next walk, ask the angel to define irony. It will be like 6 degrees of Hobo Beaver.

  7. I guess I can't drive the Wienermobile, but I do like the monkey.

  8. CYW, me either and he IS a handsome little monkey.

  9. if you had named this post Weiners & Beavers...it probably would have come up in all the x-rated searches...

    ((i LoVE that little monkey face)

  10. Laura, I thnk the porn people have found me already, I get a lot of spam from them.

    Isn't he the cutest? He looks like he's hamming it up for the camera too!

  11. Weiners and Beavers, that's just too funny. I also had an AWWWW moment when I saw the sweet little monkey's face not to mention his adorable little hands. But I just have to wonder what were they thinking when it comes to both the Hobo Beaver and the Monkey Lady. What was the motivation behind these acts. People never cease to amaze me. I do like the idea of the environmental beaver chaining his self to the tree. It is the irony that makes the idea so appealing.

  12. Cari, I know! Those monkey hands are so cute!

    I guess I never have to worry about finding the absurd to write about. Seems like there's no shortage of weird Monkey Ladies and Activist Hobo Beavers. Hopefully.

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  14. Well, I wish I could say that I've seen it all, but I agree with Laura - no shortage of weirdness out there!

    My theory on the Beaver is that it escaped from Cabela's™ (World's Foremost Outfitter™), and all the "dead animals they have posed throughout the store." I'm sure it was in fear of losing it's life and had plans to jump the nearest semi (did you search the vast inside of YOURS before leaving?) If not, may not just be a rat (dead!) you're smelling...

    The weinermobile is something else! Actually, I think I'd rather be behind one than along side of - best view of a hot dog is watching one disappear, in my humble opinion!

    The baby monkey that some woman was carrying around? I see that all the time - oh, guess I'm just thinking of all the "cute, LITTLE" dogs I see that they try to pass off as kids when they carry them into the grocery stores... silly me, I thought they belonged out in the cars... Times do change, and we humans continue to progress forward?

    Great post - again, you made my day!

  15. Ladybug, I was WONDERING what that smell was! I was worried it was me! ;)


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