Thursday, February 16, 2012

Road Food a Weird Dog and a Fact

My Douglas on the Road column is up at the Douglas Budget website and it's all about lumpy food, bathroom cooties, and hand harvested yak milk.

You're welcome.

Also, just so you have something to look at while you're here:

*action photo*
This is Jasmine mid-lick.
Someone may or may not
have put whipped cream
on her nose.

The aftereffects of eating whipped cream.
It gets a dog high, apparently.

Just in case you don't read my column (why aren't you reading my column?) here is the fact: rice is not a vegetable.


  1. Cheese is a vegetable right? Because I eat a lot of that.

    Also, in your list of different ways to prepare potatoes you forgot cheese potatoes. Where you get two different kinds of vegetables at once!

  2. before i head over to your column...i just had to agree (with CPCPPP)...YEAH cheese IS a vegetable!! ME VERY healthy for sure! a cheese florida...

  3. ok...been to your newest column...

    depending on where you're eating...lumps in the potatoes MAY or MAY NOT mean they were made from REAL potatoes...ugh...i hate to even think what else the lumps could be...

    (not sure if i should admit this...oh, what the of my favorite places to eat when on the road is wafflehouse! you always know what to expect...(besides the people)...(greasy) patty melt and the yummiest hash browns!)

  4. I got your message on Studio 30 Plus, so of course I had to come check out your blog - I could tell right away I needed to be your newest follower, because your posts cracked me up despite the fact that the baby won't take a nap and, frankly, is getting on my nerves a little bit (no offense, baby). That was me talking to my baby, not calling you by an inappropriate pet name. Please don't be creeped out. Anyway, I love your blog!

  5. Christian, yes, of course cheese is a vegetable, we can agree on that. But we part ways with potato being a vegetable because you can put a potato in a ricer to make mashed potatoes so it must somehow become rice after that which makes it not a vegetable. What?

    Laura, I think cheese may be the fat bottom part of the food pyramid that we're supposed to each so much of. =)

    Imagine eating Waffle House several times a week, though. The shine wears off!

    Robyn, welcome! I have suspected all along that babies could be nerve-wracking and impolite and not just baby-smelling and cute, which is why I don't have any. Thanks for riding along!

  6. I must say, you have the wittiest followers ever. I'm always a little intimitated by how clever everyone's comments are. Not to mention feeling intimitated by your razor sharp wit. I seriously do get a kick out of reading your comments. They never fail to make me laugh out loud. Wish I had something worthy to add. Unfortunately, I don't. Just want to say I did get all my pictures back and really enjoyed the one of Jas buzzed on her whip cream high. I just love those little bottom teeth of hers. They're so stinkin cute. Just want to kiss her on the mouth. Of course if her breath is anything like Zeph, maybe a kiss on the cheek would be better.

  7. Cari, I have the commenters ever!! (And that includes you!) Your instincts are right, a cheek kiss would be a LOT less stinky!

  8. Was so busy gabbing about nothing in my earlier post that I forgot the main purpose for being there. My whole reason for posting was to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your article. It really gave me a feel for how challenging eating on the road can be. One good thing that comes as a result of those challenges is that you really appreciate good food when you get it, whether your own or in a restaurant. Reading your article made me remember all of the fantastic dinners I had at Mrs. Howell's table during the gardening season when fresh vegetables were at their peak. Because there were so many fresh veggies to eat, meat was actually more like a side dish. I recall meals where we had fresh (and I mean fresh from the dirt in their yard) peas, corn, okra, eggplant, tomato, onion, cucumber all at the same time. It was all sooooo good. I really miss those days.

  9. Cari, you are making me hungry!

    Oh the variety of fresh veggies is definitely missed on the road and in Wyoming. The long cold season just doesn't support that kind of diversity there.


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