Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Question for the Sages...or at Least Not Troglodytes

Even King Kong wouldn't pee on pavement
Why do men pee outside when they don't have to?

I'm talking about truckers who pee on the pavement next to their truck. On the pavement!?! Oh, the summer time smell of dried pee on hot pavement!

Not all truckers do this, but enough of them do to make a truck stop parking lot pretty stinky. I have confronted more than one of these troglodytes and most of them don't even have the decency to be ashamed.

The other morning Himself and I were enjoying breakfast parked facing a harvested corn field, watching birds pick at the corn cobs scattered about. Along comes a man and his dog. We smile at the dog and nod at the man. It was a lovely little fall scene until the man, less than 20 feet from my window, whips it out and pees next to his trailer tire. After I made eye contact at him and smiled at the dog. It was so windy he had to twist around to keep from peeing on himself or the dog.

Pee-er in question
Polman Transfer Inc
Driver #770

I rolled down my window and took his picture and yelled "You're nasty!" He just shrugged. He was parked right behind the building, it would have taken 47 seconds to get inside and use the toilet like a decent human. Even his dog had enough sense to pee on the grass.

I have seen guys get out of their truck, pee on their tires and then walk inside to the truck stop or rest area. Why?

Is it just to feel the wind on their willy? Are they marking their territory? Would women do this if we could pee standing up?

If you know the answer, please let me know.

Even ugly baby statues are doing it!


  1. You have answered your own question in the past when you said most of the restrooms in truckstops are nasty so outside is much better and: EVOLUTION, our monkey ancestors peed outside so it is still ingrained in us too do so. OH and I was peeing outside as I answered and typed this!

  2. I know that's a lie, you can't do 2 things at once!!:)0
    Even animals have the sense to relieve themsselves in a seperate area from their living space. I think only micro weenied men pee on pavement!

  3. I am clear then, I was peeing in the dirt!

  4. hahahaaaa!!!! i don't know what it is...but i agree when you say they're marking their territory...even if they're peeing on the truck tires...some is dribbling to the ground...leaving their scent.

    i've squatted myself many times in my life...but in the toilet within walking distance. if i could pee standing would be EASIER...but no, i still wouldn't let if flow in parking lots! haha

    ((i've seen plastic bottles with 'pee looking stuff' in them...along the roadside. my hubby says truckers pee and toss 'em out the window. is that true? well...not ALL truckers of course...these are the SAME one's that pee in the parking lots...))

  5. @ Glen, ok you get a half point!

    @ Laura, yes, unfortunately those are pee bottles, or trucker bombs, on the side of the road. Isn't that terrible?! That is just pure lazy if you ask me. Those guys oughta be ashamed...

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  7. Hey, I got 2 half points so if my math is right I got a full 3.75 points!

  8. Glen, don't try to trick me with your superior math skills! We'll call it an even 2.7

  9. Hate to bring this up again, but that's not 'some ugly baby statue'. That's Manneken Pis, you cretin.

    1. It's an ugly baby statue to me dude.

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