Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Telephone Poles and Dirty Underpants

Weird sign of the week: No Delays Next 17 Miles.... OK.  Immediately I became suspicious. Like when someone says, I wouldn't lie to you, you know they are. A person who isn't lying or thinking about lying would never say that. So I was on a steady alert to look for delays in that 17 miles, but after about 3 miles I forgot to be alert and made sandwiches instead.  

Last week in Illinois we passed this truck clogging up the tollway. This is why following too close and not paying attention is a bad combination. Those are telephone poles going through the windshield. Yikes! Amazingly, the driver wasn't hurt, the poles only went through the passenger side. Would have killed the person in the passenger seat if there had been one, though. I hope if that ever happens to us, I choose then to be in the back making sandwiches!!

I bet the driver's seat had to be replaced though...


  1. Praise God that no one WAS in that seat!! I don't understand why some people find it necessary to follow so close. They are only risking their OWN lives! The other night, I had a guy on a motorcycle following me right on my tail!! All I could think of was how STUPID he was!

  2. I hope the telephone polls were allright!

  3. @ Becky, I know! You would think people on motorcycles would be extra careful, they are going to come out bad in even a small accident!

    @Glen, hahahahahaha...you would care about the poles, these aren't the kind girls dance around though!

  4. YIKES!! is right!! the driver REALLY lucked out!! if he was a cat...i'd say he has only 8 left!!


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