Monday, October 11, 2010

Laundry Pterodactyls and Torpedo Wire

Metropolis IL

Himself and Godzilla's TP

As truckers, the Tumbleweeds haul a variety of freight. Last week we had giant rolls of toilet paper big enough for Godzilla. We picked up 13 rolls of the stuff in Pennsylvania and took it to Connecticut. I guess from there they cut it into to more human sized rolls...unless they ship it to Japan, who knows? We do know that Superman uses toilet paper because here he is carrying it. Probably, to get to someplace more private than a phone booth. This picture was taken in Metropolis, Illinois at a conveniance store. The town also has a ginormous Superman statue, but we haven't seen it yet.

Laundry room Pterodactyl

After toilet paper we got copper wire. Lots of it. We had 6 rolls of it, totaling 18 miles. One roll weighs more than 7,000 pounds. They make torpedo wire out of it. Does't that seem old fasioned or something?  I guess even with all the techonolgy there is in the world, some things still have to be done with rocks and wire. When a submarine shoots out a torpedo they use miles and miles of super skinny copper wire to guide it. In this age of Drones and computer wizardry, this seems a little Atari-ish to me. But what do I know? I'm no rocket surgeon!

In other exciting news, we did laundry. Ha Ha. That would not really count as exciting except for the fact that there was a Pterodactyl on the wall! This laundry-mat was in West Virginia and I don't know what it means, but I think Pterodactyls are pretty awesome. I can even make a Pterodactyl noise at a pretty high volume, so I'm sure it's a sign of some sort. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket or go to Vegas. Also the dryers had an octopus look to them, but really, that pales next to the Pterodactyl. 

4 legged laundry octopus


  1. I agree with you on the pterodactyl. They are the coolest flying creatures of all time. They are supposedly still spotted to this day. That is how the Casper, WY Thunderbirds sports teams got their name. On with more usefull info: my favorite swimming creature is the plesiosaur and my favorite great ape is the SASQUATCH!

  2. My favorite great ape is Grape Ape!!! He would beat sasquatch in thumb-wrestling...

  3. ha! great post!!
    superman and toilet paper...hmmm...i just never imagined him as having to pee at all...and now i am...oh, great scott! scott tissue? i wonder if that's where they came up with the name......that's the biggest damn roll of TP i've ever seen! but i bet you see alot of strange stuff...hauling...

  4. hahaha!
    It must be a bitch to get that leotard off when you gotta go gotta go!!

  5. He can pee right through it silly!

  6. That's the first laundry mat I've ever seen that someone actually took the time to decorate in some fashion. Kinda cool that somebody had the time and incentive to do all that painting. Gotta admit, it's vibrant and interesting. Kinda nice to have something to look at other than the normal dreary, institutional walls at most laundry mats.

  7. You're right Cari, this one was definitely a step up. They had a comfy couch too and a tv with a movie channel. We were uptown that day!!


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