Friday, October 15, 2010

Wild Bears and Warm Seats

Go West young Tumbleweeds. Said the voice of Qualcomm, so we did. Actually the Qualcomm doesn't have a voice, it's just the truck's communication device between us and the company that gets us loads. Nevertheless, we came to Colorado to pick up beer, 46,000 pounds of it. That would make for one heck of a tailgate party!


 *****Breaking News Flash****
The Sapp Bros. truck stop in Cheyenne WY has the best bathrooms ever!! I didn't want to come out but alas, we had to move on. Each stall is a little haven with it's own sink. This means you don't have to brush your teeth in front of God and everybody.

The whole bathroom is new and shiny and there is even a TV built into the wall by the main sink. But the really exciting news is that the seats were heated! Such a warm spot for a weary tush!

Imagine trudging through the parking lot with hurricane force winds, during a blizzard and being chased by a bear, to come in a find a warm seat to hold you comfortably in it's gentle bosom...

OK, there was no blizzard or bear and a toilet seat doesn't really have a bosom. But still. It was nice. I take excitement where I find it. That's how a Tumbleweed rolls...


  1. AAAAAHHH HEATED TOILET SEATS!!!! Does it get any better? Who would have thunk it - truck stops with such luxurious bathroom amenities. Man, yall have really been living high on the hog - designer laundry mats and heated toilet seats. It's amazing how much joy we can get from the little things in life.

  2. We are the Uptowniness Tumbleweeds Ever!!

  3. Is that the famous but elusive, seldom seen and rarely photographed jackalope seen on the top of that hill? You may remember that while GEO caching in your home state, I found a license to hunt these wily creatures. I would be glad to send it to you, if you promise to just capture, photo and release. If you don't want it, I intend to sell it on EBay and become ridiculously rich. Never mind my offer to give it to you, selling it on EBay is a waaaay better deal ............. want to open the bidding at a gajillion dollars?


  4. Alas, it is not. The first one is a buffalo and the second is a coyote singing. (I love coyote lips!)
    I think a gajillion dollars would be a good starting point though!!


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