Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tumbleweed Feet and Shiny Things

Tumbleweed Feet in Louisiana

It’s a slow news day for the Tumbleweeds. No heated toilet seats or laundry pterodactyls to be found, but I do have these random pictures for your pleasure.

Shiny water plant in Michigan

I don’t take pictures of our feet on purpose, our camera has a mind of it’s own and apparently has a foot fetish.

The shiny things are on purpose even though I don’t know what that  purpose might be.

We are skirting Chicago on the way to Cleveland with a load of flour. We were supposed to be on the way to Utah, a blessed relief from the busy and cramped eastern highways. That load wasn’t ready yet so we had to take this one, pthhhhhhh! 

I feel bad for boring you to death, so go here and see something fun!

One Tumbleweed step for Mankind
Doggie rest area in Nebraska

Shiny Silos in West Virginia

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  1. your pic's are great!! NOT boring!

    a pooch plug!! hahahahaaaa!!!! i wonder what comes outa there....if you should pull it! >>nevermind...don't wanna know...ha!!


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