Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Rest of the Story....

Well if you read yesterday's post I won't keep you in suspense. If you didn't, I'll just wait while you catch up. Go ahead, I don't mind.... OK, now that we are all on the same page, you will be happy to know: We got a shower, dinner and no parking ticket. We didn't even see Boris and Natasha anywhere!

Today instead of complaining about Pennsylvania I am going to give them a compliment. They have chain of convenience stores called Wawa, they may be elsewhere in the northeast but there are at least 2 in PA that have truck parking and they have THE best coffee. One is just west of Allentown, they have about 20 parking spaces and the other is in Quakertown and they have 2 parking spaces. Oh, it's good coffee better than McDonald's or Dunkin Donuts, and those are 2 of my favorites for brewed coffee. It is smooth and rich. They have varying levels of darkness and a couple of flavored ones and they put out real milk, cream and flavored creams to doctor up how you like it. They also have a machine for iced coffee and those are good with a little of their flavored cream. We were there twice in one day last week and got all kinds of caffeinated!

The sky is not too bad either!
So now I don't feel so bad for beating up on Pennsylvania last night. Wawa has redeemed them, somewhat. By the way, I looked up the word Wawa it's .for the Ojibwa word for a Canada Goose in flight. You can go to and see the history. Or better yet, get up to Pennsylvania and have a good cup!


  1. Good thing you made it out alive.. I was worried that the hero's plan would be thwarted be the evil villans..


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