Monday, August 30, 2010

Dirty Tumbleweeds and Flying Adventures

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A metropolitan area of nearly 3 million people, highly industrialized, lots of freight moving in and out and not a single truck stop within 50 miles. Grrrr..

We delivered into Pittsburgh on Sunday afternoon and didn't get the next load until Monday morning so we were basically stuck. Hours of service, fuel cost and just plain inconvenience forces us to stay in Pittsburgh. We were lucky enough to find a fairly legal place to park but it means no shower at night and no coffee in the morning. These are two of my favorite things so this does not a happy tumbleweed make. (use your best Yoda voice for that part)

Unusual sign of the week: Christ's Home Office. And the best part of this is that it's in Paradise, PA. Well of course! What a perfect place for Christ to have his home office. Naturally, there was not a truck stop there  but I don't hold that against them, they had more important things to do, obviously.

***Breaking news****** (insert Muppet NewsFlash Breaking News music here)

Observant readers may have noticed that I have not posted any "action photos" lately, that's because I left the camera cord at home. All of our pictures are stuck on the camera with no way of downloading them to the computer. This is a shame because as we speak we are heading down to Lansing, West Virginia where we will have the chance to do a zip line through the trees.  I'm so excited! We have passed by the New River Gorge Canopy Tour signs in southern WV before, (, but never had time to stop. Himself called earlier to see if they could accommodate a big truck in their parking lot and the very helpful gal on the phone said, why not? They'll figure something out, they have a place for buses that we could use even if they have to shuttle us from there. I just love it when people are helpful! She said they had an even faster and higher zip line tour that's only been open for a couple of weeks. I hope we aren't the guinea pigs!

Keep your fingers crossed. In 2 hours we will be zipping 200 feet over old growth hemlock and hardwoods. I can't wait! Stay tuned to find out if Tumbleweeds really can fly...


  1. That is way more dangerous than dirt bikes!

  2. Hey there... So glad we had the room for your rig and you were able to do the zip line. Glad you enjoyed yourself! You should really come back for the whitewater. It is a blast too!!


  3. again, more dangerous than dirt bikes!

  4. Do not let the tumble weed around bikes.. She scratchd my crotch rocket once...

  5. I have learned to ride since then...and don't ever say i scratched your crotch ever again!


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