Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On the Road Again

Ahh...on the road again. We have been off the road for a week, as you may have noticed there were no posts. I do apologize to my loyal followers (my mother and that crazy guy I used to work with!) this is supposed to be a trucking blog and we weren't doing any trucking so you can see I was in a sticky pickle!

Now we are heading east again, sadly, since we miss being out west. We are picking up Great Northern and Pinto beans in western Nebraska. I did not realize that they grew out here but apparently they are quite abundant. We have passed three bean plants right at the border between Wyoming and Nebraska. Known as dry beans, pinto beans are the most popular dry bean in the United States followed by navy beans, Great Northern beans, red kidney beans and black beans. This is according to the US Dry Bean Council, and they should know.  Nebraska is the 3rd top producer of dry beans, following North Dakota and Michigan. Beans have been grown for about six thousand years in the  Americas and did you know that beans are not in fact a magical fruit but they are good for your heart, bean consumption can lower your risk for heart disease. Now you know more than you ever wanted to about dry beans. It's not a good year to be a farmer of dry beans though, they are getting half of what they got last year for them in this area.

It was nice to be home but it's nice to be back in the truck again too, since we work 10 times harder at home than we do on the road. Himself has a never ending supply of energy and work projects so I have to do my best to keep up. One of the nicest things about being home is having my own bathroom, what a luxury to have it all to myself. And the only cooties are our own, not some sweaty, unwashed truck driver! Seeing friends, eating home cooked meals, lazing around in the morning over multiple cups of coffee... these are also a few of my favorite things.

Speaking of coffee we will be going through Lexington NE, one of my favorite places on I-80 because they have a $5 coffee shack with truck parking. Yum!. These little coffee houses are so popular out west, our little home town has 2 drive up ones and one in the hospital and one in the bookstore, but you hardly see them east of Nebraska. Of course there are Starbucks everywhere but that's just not the same (don't get me started).  I like the local ones that are just drive-ups the best and a lot of time they have homemade goodies. So now I really have something to look forward to and even Himself likes a $5 coffee (extra sweet & milky) and a scone now and then. I can't wait, although at the rate we are getting loaded it may be late afternoon before we get there. The bean counters are still loading us...


  1. Glad you're back online. Your wit and humour were sorely missed by this loyal follower (who is not your mother or that crazy guy, but is hopelessly addicted none the less). Is none the less 3 words are just 1?

  2. Just a couple of things, maybe three. I like that Glen Gooodell, in spite of the bad things you told me, he's a man of few words, yet profound. Neither I nor my good friend Mona posted that last anonymous comment, all though either of us could have since we agree totally with the sentiments expressed. Since I revealed my true identity, as your very own mother, I've tried in vain to use the google email so my name would be shown. It won't work so I'm forced to identity myself in every comment. The third thing? I'm so glad your back.
    I love you wherever you are.

  3. WooHoo! I did manage to post under my true identity. I just hope I can remember how I did it. We're about to see.

    Still loving you wherever you are.

  4. @Anonymous I believe none the less is 3 separate words, but the more you look at it the wronger (not a word) it looks! I mean can you have less that none?
    Thanks for the compliment!

  5. PB reveals her true identity... Wow this is getting interesting.. I always heard that beans where good for your heart, the more you eat them the more you FART... I guess that has been proven.. Whats this addiction to coffee. TA would not let me drink coffee as a child..I never had coffee until I left the basement

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I used the clouds in your picture as my facebook Timeline pic, but put them above another city: https://www.facebook.com/kennylang


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