Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Read All About It! A new column and a random fact.

Today's column in the Douglas Budget has been posted to the website and you can read all about it here.

It's all about hurricane speed winds in a state that has nothing to blow down and why I like to live there despite that.

This picture has nothing to do with wind or Wyoming but I love the light.

We were driving along in rural northern Nevada before sunset and air just turned all glow-y and golden. Kind of like a Doris Day movie without all that virgin-ness.

Random Fact:

Sedona, Arizona has the only McDonald's in the world to have turquoise arches on their building, instead of the ubiquitous golden arches. City officials thought yellow would look tacky near all the natural red rock of the area.


  1. It's hard to conceive 70 mph winds as commonplace, but I choose to believe you. Keep that rig between the ditches, ya hear?

  2. Wind is the one type of weather that I actually get annoyed with. Cold, hot, heavy rain, snow, ice, all of the above combined, I'm fine with. But heavy wind is a big dislike for me.

    Also, I've actually been to that McDonalds in Sedona! But I wasn't aware it was so special at the time. If I had know I would have wrote my name on the wall or something.

  3. Doug, we'll try to do that!

    Christian, I always think about the pioneers and wonder what living back then would have felt like. All that wind AND no McDonald's!?

    If you get back to the Sedona McDonald's, remember not to write your name in yellow. You don't want to be tacky.

  4. with that much wind i hope there are lots of those turbine farms or whatever they're called...maybe you can build some around your house...and cancel your account with the local elec. co?!!

    it's a good thing it's windy in wyoming...tumbleweeds look so much cooler when they're rolling along!

  5. I only have one thing to say about those kinds of wind - SCARY!!!! I'll never forget my drive from Douglas, WY to the Denver airport. My knuckles had been white for so long they were turning blue.

  6. Years ago, when we lived in Colorado & drove through Wyoming more often - usually to visit family on vacation - I discovered something. It seemed to me that most of the towns were built in low places - along rivers, down in gulches, etc. I decided that made sense for those were the only places to get out of the wind! I like the state for the same reasons you do, however - miles & miles of open land & fewer people.And then of course, there's one of our favorite places in the world - the Grand Tetons!

  7. Laura, they are really starting to expand the wind farms out there, though it hasn't affected us yet. What I'd really like to decrease is our gas bill!

    Cari, you got your wind driving AND snow driving badge that trip, for sure!

    Ladybug, that does make sense. I've read stories about how the wind would just drive people mad back then, everything coated with dirt and grit, the sound whistling through every crack. I am definitely not tough enough to be a pioneer!


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