Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Now where's my hovercraft?

Ok people. 
It's a new year. 
It's time to put aside past grievances and petty differences and look forward instead of backward.

If Jasmine and this future ham sandwich pig can get along, then why can't someone perfect hovercraft technology? 

 Really, how difficult could it be?


  1. We will never be able to put YUOR petty differences aside and yes hover craft technology is stuck in the stone age!

  2. Glen, I think I might be insulted, but I'm not sure. Probably you just mean that my pettiness is what makes me so great. Yeah, you're right.

  3. Also, if I were petty, I would point out that you misspelled your. But I didn't. See?

  4. Also, also too, the fact that I keep commenting on this means I am avoiding real work and/or sunshine and if that makes me petty...ok nevermind. That does make me *kind of* petty.

  5. That is one good looking future ham sandwich. I bet it would go good with some claustrophobic demon-egg pods. And some Tabasco.

  6. Christian, I think your blood-sugar may be a tad low. You need some food, stat! Pass the Tabasco.

  7. Geeze, I ordered one too, but it never came - hovercraft, that is! Now, I think I'll just order that ham sandwich & let it go at that...
    Happy New Year, Tumbleweed!!

  8. Thanks Ladybug! I guess we should just be happy to have what we have! :0)

    But a hovercraft would be cool...

  9. oink oink!

    i like my ham with horseradish, thanks!

    happy new year!

    (did Jas tell you what that pig was whispering to her? help me break outa here!? are you a vegetarian?! got mud?!)

  10. hee hee, Laura, happy new year! I couldn't believe Jas was so good with this pig...of course she was on a leash but still. The pig was really attracted to Jas's jowls, licking and snuffling them and she just stood there and let her do it. Weird dog!

    I love horsradish too! It even grows in Wyoming, come on over to my backyard and pick some!

  11. OH if we ever get out that way...and i know we will...some day...but by then you wouldn't know who that was in your backyard...picking horseradish...and you'd have to run me out of your yard with your i try to flee with my walker! ha!

    really...i'll keep that fresh horseradish offer in mind whenever we get to wyoming! yeah! :)

  12. Laura, I promise I will keep my cane to myself when you come to Wyoming! My neighbors have rhubarb and asparagus, we'll make a meal of it!


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