Friday, January 6, 2012

Tumbleweed Resolutions

Have you ever wondered where, in these United States, you can find the darkest night sky? (Presuming you don't count Alaska, that is.)

Well, read all about it here in my latest Douglas Budget column.

Also, it's about New Year's Resolutions. Do you hate telling yourself what to do as much as I do?

I'm giving it a try anyway.

Maybe this will be the year I get off the fence.


  1. Great article! I do think that most of us, as we age, reach certain mileposts which cause us to examine our lives. The death of someone close to us is 1 of those mileposts and can be the jolt that causes us to make much more of whatever time we have. Great pic of the tumbleweed caught in the fence - betcha' don't stay there long, now. As for being a "cheerful Charlie" before coffee, I'm with you - ain't gonna happen!

  2. Another beautiful tribute to your Mama (that's how we say Mom in the south). I hope the good memories will outweigh the sad ones.
    I agree with Ladybug, you will get loose from that ole barbwire fence, tumbleweed be the best you can be in life.
    I can't relate to the grouchy wake up attitude, try whistling and humming before you get out of the covers. (yeah,right)

  3. As I sit here fighting this stomach bug, I decided to get up enough energy to browse some blogs. I really enjoyed reading your posts. You are a good writer. Although I have not seen you in a long time, I still can laugh at some of your jokes just knowing your personality so well. The thing about the elbows bending backwards gave me a good pain in the side laugh. I do recall that amazing talent of yours. I look forward to more posts. Dynamic Duo out!

  4. resolutions...shmesolutions...bah humbug. in MY're already doing all that...but nothing wrong with reminding yourself. losing someone close does make us more aware of life. the little things. the missed things.

    just carry a pair of cutters in your back pocket...don't try to wriggle around too much in that barbed wire. ouch!

    lucky for me i don't have that before coffee problem...i'm always the first one up and have already had a couple of cups before i'm faced with another human being! ha!

  5. "to seek out life instead of waiting for it to happen to me"

    That is a great resolution. I try to remind myself of the same from time to time, but I need to get better at doing it and not just reminding myself of it.

  6. Ladybug, it's a milepost I could have done without, but I suppose that's the price of living in this world. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Doug, thank you. Sometimes I think I make my own barbwire to get trapped in, I gotta stop that.

    Also, it is highly unnatural for a person to be cheery in the morning. You should get that checked out.

    Bev, sorry you're feeling poorly. Thanks for riding along and the kind words. I wish I had started writing sooner. Oh well, with my backwards elbows, I can always join the circus! ;)

    Aww, Laura, thanks! Good idea with the cutters to get out of the barbwire...I wonder if cutting remarks would work, I always have those!

    Christian, I am the worst for not following my own advice and now that I've made such a public resolution I'm wondering how I can take it back. I may just have to beat myself up. Thanks for always making me laugh out loud.

  7. Sorry it's taken me so long to get caught up with my reading. Really enjoyed, as always, this article. Just know there's still one person who remembers your big ol lightbulb head as a baby, and the infamous jelly toast episode, and I'll never forget all the little songs we used to sing about BB Brown (seems he was always going to town). I share your pain and I do love you so!!! Your sis, Cari

  8. Cari, thank you! And thank God I grew into the lightbulb! I just wish it were filled with more brain!


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