Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Driving with Dinosaurs

(Disclaimer: We don't actually let the dinosaurs drive. Their arms are way too short to do it safely. This should be common sense, people.)

Do other countries have so many roadside dinosaurs or is it just an American thing? Understandably, some of these prehistoric critters are advertising a museum or somesuch, but a lot of them are just hanging out. 

These pictures are just the ones I've taken when I can get out my camera fast enough. I'm only covering a tiny portion of the highway-dinosaur-extravaganza.

Himself likes to play a little trick where he waits until the last possible second to say "ooh look at that!" Then I have to break my concentration, come out of my internet stupor, scramble for the camera, and roll the window down. Yes, we have manual windows; our truck is prehistoric.  

Inevitably, the camera won't focus correctly or the battery dies just as I frame the shot. This is followed by several minutes solid of cussing and threatening to throw the camera out the window. Good times.

Barstow, CA

Green Bay, WI
He's either a Packers fan,
or he's a debutante learning to
walk with head held high.

Milford, NE

Ok, a dragon is not technically a dinosaur.
Probably because they have
better proportioned arms.

Cave City, KY

Plant City, FL

Casper, WY

Casper, WY

Holbrook, AZ

Douglas, WY

Lakeland, FL

Flatwoods, WV
Pterodactyls are not technically dinosaurs either
and this one was in a laundry room,
not on a roadside, but still.
Isn't he cute?
Plus, I can make a really good pterodactyl sound.


  1. I'm assuming the saddle on that last one in Douglas, WY is authentic since everything I know about dinosaurs I learned from watching that documentary series The Flintstones.

  2. ha!! oh thanks Christian...now i can't get that flintstone theme out of my head...but you are so right...the one with the saddle is surely came out of fred's car=port...OH i mean...dino-port!

    STACEY!!! thanks for the nationwide dinosaur spottings!! who would ever believe that there were so many scattered all across the country! that dragon is pretty cool.
    where's the sound byte of that pterodactyl sound you do?! it's not a mating call i hope. oh yeah...no worries...they're extinct!

  3. Christian, you are absolutely correct, the saddle is authentic. Although, I quit watching that documentary series after they brought in the Great Gazoo. Now that was just silly.

    Laura, did you know that I impressed Himself greatly one day by singing all the words to The Flintstones??

    If I were smarter with technology I would indeed share my pterodactyl mating call with you, it too is impressive.

    For the life of me, I cannot figure out why I'm not famous yet.

  4. Go ahead and post your Pterodactyl impression to You Tube, I don't think there's anyone who could disprove your sound. Amazing collection of North American Dinosaurs.

  5. Nothing is cooler than Dinosaurs, not even dirt bikes!

  6. Thanks Doug, I would challenge anyone who said my pterodactyl noise was not authentic to a thumb-wrestling match!

    Glen, wow I never thought I'd see the day. Have you been taken over by pod people???

  7. OMG!!! I had no idea we were a nation obsessed by dinosaurs. Wonder what this says about us. I have often wondered if their exceptionally small arms were part of the reason they became extinct. Just can't help wondering what possible purpose those tiny arms served.

  8. Cari, I know, right? Those tiny little arms must have made it really difficult to fit a shirt that fit. I think that's what prompted their demise.

  9. I Cannot beilive that the picture I sent you of the most famous dinosaur in your hometown did not make the list. I made a special stop to drive thru the parking lot to get that for you. See if I do that again.


    1. Just calm down, Heywood. I did this post in January, thankyouverymuch! I didn't have your picture then. Give me $1.

  10. I keep sending it in the form of cash in an envelope and the letter keeps come back return to sender..


    1. Try a carrier pigeon next time. Works like a charm.


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