Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh, Give Me a Home! Where the Demon Egg-Pods Don't Roam!

Woo hoo, I am on fire!

Hang on let me put that out. Dern sparklers.

I have another in my own mind award winning column in The Douglas Budget this week.

To get you in the mood properly before you read it, sing Home on the Range to yourself, except replace demon egg-pods for the antelope.

Here is pretty picture:

Sunrise in Nevada

It is several days later and Himself has just finished reading this post. He was laughing and laughing, which I thought was strange because it wasn't that funny. Then he started saying, over and over, "Here is pretty picture" in a fake Russian accent and told me I should always let him proofread the posts because I get too excited to hit the Publish button and don't catch all the mistakes.

So naturally I had to defend myself and say I did it on purpose because I think a Boris and Natasha accent is sexy and since I am hopeless at learning German I thought I would try something new and less hard. So it is staying as is. But a fake Russian accent is not as easy as it sounds and now I'm in a sticky pickle. The end.


  1. I think there is something about living in the wide-open west that makes most of us who live here claustiphobic about crowds &/or small spaces. I know I am. Give me a long, straight, remote, blue-line highway in Nevada over the crowds of Seattle or Salt Lake any day! Kudos to himself for being able to drive all those different roads in different conditions... and to you for travelin' along and tellin' the stories.

  2. Thanks Ladybug! Himself is all smiles because of your compliment. He definitely has to drive through some hinky conditions and he does it llike a pro and without complaint. (I do that part!)

  3. I've rode the demon pod over the arch too. Your analysis is the same as mine. I don't consider mtyself in the least claustrophbic, but that ride did it to me. Great story.

  4. Thanks Doug! At least you can cross it off your list and not do it again!

  5. Claustrophobic demon-egg pods huh? I've never been to St. Louis but they sound delish. Maybe add some Tabasco.

  6. Christian, it's funny you say that, because after the traumatic experience of said demon-egg pods, we went to a pub and had sausage wrapped fried boiled EGGS.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  7. thanks for the demon egg-pod ride to the top of the arch!
    now i can cross it off my (bucket?) list without having to feel claustrophobic...or hyperventilate!

    really cool sunrise!!

  8. Laura, you are entirely welcome. It wouldn't be so bad if you had your own demon egg-pod, I guess.

    I love sunrises, I just wish they didn't come so early!


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