Monday, December 26, 2011

Dirty Laundry-Cow Wrestling

This is not a cow. Or dirty laundry.

Well, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Aren't you glad that's over?

Here is my latest column in The Douglas Budget. It has nothing to do with any kind of holidays. It's mainly about how to wrestle a cow-sized amount of dirty laundry out of a small space.

You're welcome.


  1. This article beat the delivery of my Douglas Budget paper. I have an idea for dirty laundry storage. Get one of those T.V. advertised vacuum packer clear plastic bags. They're supposed to compress an average size comforter down to the size of a handkerchief

  2. Tried to send a comment earlier and can't see where it posted. Forgive me for being an idiot. Trying to figure out again how to post. Using a different method this time.

  3. Doug, We might have to try that soon. We are approaching critical mass.

    Anonymous, Don't give up! And don't feel like an idiot, I'm sure it's the computer's fault. (although, don't tell it I said that. They can be sensitive.)

  4. Good article! You help those of us who don't live in a truck to understand a little of what it's like. You make a very good point about all the "stuff" we humans seem to accumulate. Watch out New Year - I'll be on a MAJOR clean-out binge! I so enjoy your writing - good to have you back.

  5. You go Ladybug! Good luck with the clean out. I don't know what it says about me, but I LOVE to get rid of stuff, I find it very cathartic.

    Thanks, as always, for your kind words about my writing. It's hard to know if I'm hitting the mark, or even making sense sometimes, so it's nice to have the feedback.

    Happy Clean-Out-Binge!

  6. I concur with Ladybug. You do a great job of making it fun to live vicariously through your traveling lifestyle. Especially for those of us that can't leave town as often as we would like.

  7. Christian, thank you. You know it's kinda weird to put yourself out there on the internets. It's such a solitary act; you can't see people react.

    But then, that's probably a good thing since one of the top searches people use to get to my blog is "lone wolf urine at home depot".

  8. ((damn, i'm behind...and not just a is too hectic right now....)) i barely have time to notice that i'm NOT delivering a calf when trying to get the dirty clothes out of the hamper thingie...and then what?? shove them into a washer with too small an opening!!

    as always your post...your filled to the brim...even over flowing...with insight and hilariousness! now you have me wanting to clean house. but more than that (thank god!) you have me wanting to live on the road. BUT in the meantime...thanks for the lift!!

    don't those piggie legs look way small for their bodies??!!!!

  9. Laura, I know you have your hands full, cleaning house is the last thing you should do! :) Just keep taking those fantastic pictures...and remember how nice it is not to have to fold your underpants in front of crazy people!!


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