Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Because nothing says Merry Christmas like a yarn octopus

Christmas in our truck is nothing if not festive. Actually, I'm kind of mad at Christmas this year, but whatever. The Spirit of Christmas Octopus is a tradition that must go on.

My mother had a wonderfully absurd sense of humor, so when she saw this, uh holiday octopus, at a garage sale several years ago, she knew she had to have it. Actually she knew she had to give it to me because the thing is hideous and what better way to spread holiday joy than by giving ugly things to your adult child that hates everything?

He was our tree topper that year and the next year, then I wrapped him up and sent him back to her with a story about how the Spirit of Christmas Octopus came to be.  The next year, she sent him to my sister, and so began a tradition of sharing the Spirit of Christmas Octopus. He has logged many miles over the years, his yarn is thinning and he's lost an eye, but not his spirit.

The Spirit of Christmas Octopus on the fuel tank.
He may or may not be trying to huff diesel.

The Spirit of Christmas Octopus as hood ornament.
Freightliner should use this in their ads.

The Spirit of Christmas Octopus on the steering wheel.
Good thing we're parked, his eye is not even looking
at the road.

Jas wanted to kill play with the Spirit of Christmas Octopus.
She hates Christmas. Apparently.

Merry Christmas
 Happy Holidays
 Frohe Weihnachten 
May the Spirit of Christmas Octopus be with you. 


  1. Now that brightened my day. I was just about to cry myself to sleep with boredom. Biz kinda sux with the chamber of commerce weather. I think you need to take more pictures of the Octopus performing more task. Example: Unloadig your truck (get some work out of him) Whats next on his journey?


  2. Heywood, I'm glad I could be of service. The Spirit of Christmas Octopus has been giving Liberace Rabbit the eye, so I may very well need to find a job for him before that gets out of hand! Or tentacle.

  3. long live the christmas octopus!!!!!!!!!

    christopus!! :)

  4. octopus live in warm climates so keep him there! I just wanted to say the last part of octo-pus!!!

  5. Laura, I am stealing that!

    Glen, juvenille as ever I see. Christopus knows when you are naughty or nice!

  6. Merry Christmas to the four of you Tumbleweeds

  7. Most people don't realize that the Spirit of Christmas Octopus was part of the original story of Jesus' birth. He was a bell hop at the inn in Bethlehem.

    Happy holidays!

  8. Doug, Backatcha!

    Christian, hahaha, that makes total sense. Who better to carry all that luggage? I'm sure Christopus wouldn't have turned them away, though. The Inn probably only had frankincense-free rooms.

  9. LOVE this Christopus! So glad you have this "bit of your Mom" to carry around this year... Yeah, it will be a bit of a blue Christmas for those of us who have lost someone near & dear to us, but things like this help. For me, it's cuddling up each evening in the quilt my sis made & sent us last Christmas - only thing I have left of her now except for the memories. Ah, those memoires can keep us going - so love that Christopus of yours all you can - your humor continues to give me a huge lift! Have as merry of a Christmas as you can this year, Tumbleweed. My thoughts are with you & yours!!

  10. Thank you Ladybug. It is nice to have some tangible thing to hold onto, it deepens the memories, I think. I hope your Christmas was good and you have a healthy, happy New Year!

  11. I had to sneak on in to see why you were 'mad at Christmas.' Say no more--I completely understand. The absence of our Mothers is profound.

  12. Karen, Thanks for taking the time to ride along! I'm sorry you have to belong to this club too. It sucks for reals.


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