Monday, July 19, 2010

Wrecks and Respite

We have been through/around DC twice in 2 days. That's enough thank you. The traffic is crazy. Yesterday we saw a vehicle on fire on the side of the interstate. We could feel the heat of it as we drove past. There was a lady ahead of us in a little car who was so mesmerized by the flames that she just stared hypnotically at it, in front of her, instead of the 80,0000 pound monster behind her. She was millimeters from being smashed but could not take her eyes off that flame. I guess everyone was waiting for a big explosion, I mean this car was covered in flames, if it were movie it would have blown up just as we were driving by, the car shooting fifty feet straight up. Alas life is never as exciting as the movies.

On a better note we got a motel last night. A nice reprieve from the road. We don't watch tv at all in the truck so the main thing we do in a motel is watch lots of tv. It's like a drug. I'm glad we limit it because I am the BIGGEST sucker for it. I can watch anything and just be mesmerized like that lady staring at the burning car. The other nice thing about a motel room is a private bathroom. All by myself. No sharing. Not even with Himself! Ahhhhhhhhhh... You take for granted brushing your teeth alone. No one looking at you like you're committing a crime, no one grunting and groaning as if they were giving birth. Some things you really need to do alone.


  1. very cool... descriptive comments on the car fire.. Do you still get annoyed when people stare at you...

  2. Yes. Please avert your eyes while reading this.


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