Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ohio and $5 Coffee....

So there I was: An Ohio turnpike travel plaza. Morning. I need coffee, naturally and there it is: Starbucks.

It was a face off of mammoth proportions. Would I succumb? Or would I hold to my principles, die on this hill and maintain a sense of self that I could be proud of?

Let me back up.

My friends know that I have drawn a line in the sand in regards to Starbucks. I love a Cafe Latte as much as the next gal but have decided that I can only get them from places that aren't Starbucks. Why?

Well it comes from a place of being anti anything name-brand. You know, just getting things because they are cool or are supposed to be good?

It's kind of a joke among my friends and I really don't have anything against Starbucks per se. Except that they are intimidating places with all their frappacinos, skinny lattes, macchiatos etc. and I swear I have never been in one that the people were friendly and helpful.

If you don't know what you want right away and you stare dumbly up at the menu, the barista shoots waves of "hurry up, moron" out of her eyeballs. And even if you are the only person in the place they make you come down to the red light, the sacred place where your expensive coffee is placed.

Also the way they size their cups drives me crazy and I refuse to say Venti, it's probably not even a word and even if it is it doesn't have any place among tall and short.

There I feel better now. But really, does it make sense to not like something that you like just because other people like it? Isn't that reverse discrimination or at least reverse snobbery? I don't know.

Does anyone care? I doubt it. Actually I hope not, shouldn't you be doing something right now???

Back to the story:

We last left off with me against Starbucks. A shootout at the OK corral. Would my principles stand up or would I get that $5 coffee and let the Man keep me down? Would good triumph over evil? Could I hold my head up and look myself in the mir....Oh screw it!

Yes. I got the coffee. I even called it a Venti.

Sometimes a coffee is just a coffee.

And it was good.


  1. I like coffee too... I hate when you go to a fast food place and you order a soda and they only have large and extra large drinks.. The large is the small and the extra large is the large.. Just my obeservation


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