Friday, July 30, 2010

Texas BBQ

Texas is a huge state that acts as if it's a different country and the people there wear funny hats, but despite all that one thing they do well is BBQ.

We are so limited to where we can go, our 70 feet of truck and trailer just can't zip in and out of anywhere, that it is truly a banner day when we find good food close to a truck stop. There are several BBQ joints in the Dallas area (which is the size of Denmark but a lot hotter) that are truck friendly and we have a favorite; Big Bruce's BBQ 8018 S. Lancaster Dallas, TX (972-228-8200). It's right off of I-20 at exit 470. There's a truck stop right across the street so all you have to do is walk across the road to Texas BBQ heaven. I qualify that with the Texas part because there is a difference in BBQ (Florida having the best IMHO) but that's a whole other blog...

We have been to Big Bruce's many times, last night as a matter of fact, but the first time holds a special place in my heart, mainly because free food was involved. So there we were, hot (it's always hot in Texas), hungry (the Tumbleweeds are always hungry) and happily surprised to be within walking distance to BBQ. We park the truck, walk over and Himself makes the mistake of going to wash his hands while I stand there hungrily looking at the menu. The friendly guy behind the counter asked if I had ever been there before and when I said no, he took a huge slab of ribs, whacked it with a cleaver and handed me one of the best ribs I have ever had.(3rd in line behind Daddy's and Dreamland, esteemed company). By the time Himself came out of the bathroom, I was greasy with delight and 2/3 of the way through that rib, and this was a Texas pig, everything is bigger in Texas. He looked at me like I was crazy, "how did you get that??" and "where can I get one?" following the crazy look. I gave him a bite, reluctantly, truth be told, it was good.

As you can tell I was hooked from the get go, free food is one thing but free, good food is a whole other ball of worms! The service is good, you walk up and point to what you want and they dish it up for you. The emphasis is on  meat, smoked and juicy and a lot of it. Ribs, sausage, pork, brisket. They chop up the pork as you order it so it's not just sitting there drying up. The sides are the usual, coleslaw, green beans, red beans (spicy or not), fries. The meat isn't all gooped up with sauce; this is important. I believe in loving your neighbor and free speech and BBQ sauce on the side. It's just the right thing to do and that's all I have to say about that. Big Bruce's BBQ sauce is red, tomato based, fairly thin, spicy and hot. They keep it in a pan over a warmer and you pour it in a cup to dip your white bread in and put on the meat as desired. There is an interesting quality to this sauce that I try to identify every time I have it. It's spicy but not hot and I swear I taste the barest hint of cinnamon or something similar.

I could go on and on about various BBQ but I won't. Do I hear sighs of relief?? Every part of the country has it's own kind, especially the sauces, and they all think it's the best. But what do they know?? So stop what you're doing and get to Texas right now, just go left at Denmark.


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