Monday, May 16, 2011

Tumbleweed Booty

Sure, we Tumbleweeds live in a very small space, work long hours, and have to use public bathrooms in which I get mistaken for a man, but there are also perks. I'm talking booty. Not J.Lo size booty, but still. (I said booty, hee hee)

Sometimes the stuff we deliver gets damaged by the people unloading it or the count is off and the customer rejects it and we must dispose of it. Most often it's something simple like a torn or dented box where the product inside is fine, but the customer finds it unacceptable.

Booty list:
*12 boxes of napkins (about 10,000, still using)
*3 bags of dog food
*75 bags of artichoke and spinach potato chips
*2 cases of V-8 Juice (low sodium, yech)
*30 bags of gourmet rabbit food (yes gourmet. We ate some of it. Not bad)

Funny how electronics or beer are never damaged.

Sometimes the shippers are generous and give us goodies.

*Sample bags of dog treats from Iams

*Almost expired cold sore medication (wth?) from a medical distributor

*Ginormous container of Arm&Hammer laundry detergent (it lasted a year)

*Cookies. Oodles and oodles of cookies from a commercial bakery in South Dakota

Walmart generic brand...but still.

That bakery was in Sioux City and the whole town smells like baking cookies. I want to live there. Nothing bad could happen in a place that smells like grandma's kitchen, right?

Well, in 1992 Money Magazine named Sioux Falls the Best Place to Live in America. In 2006, Men's Health Magazine ranked it 93 (out of 100) for Angriest Cities in the Nation. The angriest city? Orlando. Home of the happiest place on earth.

As if all this free booty wasn't enough, there's also found booty. Walking a dog in so many places turns up all sorts of things.

* A total of $27 in cash
* A real live beaver ( I didn't keep it)
* A fake beaver (don't ask)
* A purple rock
* A one-eyed Spider Man dressed as Santa



  1. Another fantastic story by the infamous, or famous, tumbleweeds. Always so clever and interesting. I especially like the one eyed Spiderman, he's cool, did you keep him?

  2. Of course! I love found things, especially when they are handicapped in some way!

  3. That was my fake beaver!

  4. I just found your blog through 30+ and I love it! I had my own road-tripping days, and in High School a buddy of mine and I used to play CB radio all the time.
    I'm really excited about digging deeper and following your travels!

  5. Welcome Aboard Melissa! Thanks for riding along and for the kind comments!


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