Monday, April 30, 2012

Tumbleweeds in the Land of the Lost

As I mentioned in my Pterodactyl post, the Tumbleweeds spent a rainy afternoon at Dinosaur World in Cave City, Kentucky.

Sure, a walk through the forest among fiberglass dinosaurs is an attraction aimed at children (and we have none) but the tiger-striped T-Rex that we have passed so many times on I-65, seemed to beckon us with his tiny, tiny arms. 

So we gave in and visited and I hugged his leg.

See the blue thing
at the bottom?
That's me.

There are over 100 dinosaurs in the park, scattered among the native vegetation along a leisurely half mile walk. It was foggy and rainy the day we went which added to its appeal because:

A: It seemed more prehistoric. 
B: There were very few people. And even fewer children hogging up all the fun stuff.

For the most part, the dinosaurs weren't too cheesy and the way they were nestled in the trees and bushes looked almost natural.

A meat-eater and space traveler.
In 1998 a Coelophysis skull
traveled to the space station Mir
on the Shuttle Endeavor. 

A fast and agile meat-eater
from the Triassic Period.
The crest along its snout is thought
to be for dinosaur sexy-time.

(I made that one up)

Some were more cheesy than others.

Tsintaosaurus or Kidnplayosaurus?
You decide.

Real name, fake color.

The Velociraptor should be fearsome and wily like in Jurassic Park XXII.

Instead they did this:

Velociraptor with giant man-hands and crazy eyes.

They had a playground for children only (why do they always get to do the fun stuff?) but Kentucky is a very safety conscious state and the kiddies had to put their cigarettes out first.


Also for children only was a "fossil dig" area, but the joke's on them because I saw a Dinosaur World employee planting the "fossils" in the sand for them to find. Kids are such sissies.

There was a giant puzzle that wasn't for children only, so we put it together. Upside down. Because we're rebels like that.

A plant-eater with a
brain the size of a walnut.

Woolly Mammoth
A baby Mammoth was found in Siberia in 2010
fully preserved, hair and all.
It looks like a deflated

T-Rex sneaking up on a Triceratops.
I'll bet he's on his tiptoes.

Ultrasaurus herd.

These plant-eaters weighed
up to 80 tons.
That's a LOT of leaves.

It was a nice way to take a break from the road for a couple of hours. Even without kids.


  1. You sound like a kid to me. Looks like you had fun!

    1. Ha! I am a big kid, but for some reason I still have to do grown-up things like pay bills and eat veggies instead of cake for dinner.

      Well, I pay the bills anyway. =)

  2. I liked the Spotted Slideosaurus, and how he seems to be banging his head against the fence to dull the pain of being chosen for the playground instead of the super-cool forest scenes (type casting). By the way, you just KNOW those dinos come to life at night to frolic in the woods. Except for kidnplayosaurus, because I think he's still on house arrest.

    1. Sadly, even in the dinosaur world, it's all about looks. I bet the T-Rex never has booger fisted children sliding down his back!

  3. I have not spoken to the spousal unit but I am willing to let you have your choice of kids for a week over the summer. Hell you can even have both at the same time. We will keep Jasmine for this time period as not to deprive your cab of oxygen. Just don't send them home cussing like a sailor..


    1. No cussing?! What is the point then of having little humans if not to corrupt their squishy brains. Oh and free labor. When can they start??

  4. They sent a dinosaur skull into space and there's no movie about it? When the hell is "Space Dinos Attack!" coming out?

    "Avengers" my ass.

    1. I know! I guess Debbie Gibson and Tiffany had other commitments.

  5. that's really pretty cool! even the cheesy ones!

    i see the one at the end that you can climb inside?? can you climb on the others too? in the forest? slide down their tails...and necks?? hang on their mouths and drop to the ground? run under them...trying to keep them from stepping on you?

    ok, so i'm getting carried away. cool park.

    1. It was! Unfortunately, you had to stay on the trail and not climb on them or slide on their tails. Party poopers!


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