Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Mild Winter, Ticks in Minnesota, and Why New Jersey is Wrong. Again.

At this very moment I am at a hidden secret (because that's how you hide) location, from which I am posting my latest Douglas Budget column.

This is not the hidden secret location,
so don't try to triangulate it with
Google Earth.

You should go there and read it in case the secret hidden location I am located in, is your closet.

You really don't want me hiding in your closet. Because I am scary.

Unless you want it rearranged.

Because I am helpful.

This bull is in Missouri, not the
 hidden secret location.
I call him Ice Cube
because of his scowl.

Because of the hidey-ness circumstance, I have no facts. Except for this:

Honey bees in New Jersey are not doing well because of the mild winter.
Honey bees in Iowa are doing well because of the mild winter.

Way to go New Jersey. Way. to. go.


  1. I hate ticks. 10 years ago you never saw ticks around here except for Point Pelee. Now they are pretty much everywhere. We keep the tweezers handy.

    1. Yeah, they're a drag. We got covered in a horde of baby ticks last year in Arkansas. It wasn't pretty. Or fun.

  2. Ick, I considered myself a serious contender for mother of the year when Jake was little and I found a tick on his head and I got it off with minimal gagging and almost zero running away and pretending it wasn't happening. Mostly because there were no other adults around and I had no choice, but still...

    I checked my driveway and ruled it out as your secret location. Process of elimination - I'm bound to figure it out eventually.

    1. I hope someone got you a trophy!

      I have been known to hide on roof tops. But I'm not on your roof. Probably. =)

  3. I don't have ticks but three stray cats are infesting my yard with fleas. We are picking up a puppy tomorrow. I hope I can get rid of the fleas.

    1. I'm pretty sure cats are the devil.

    2. Global warming does not eixt! Some will tell you that, although all they can really see is the dark earth surrounding their heads.... you'd think they could feel the heat, tho, wouldn't you?

      We up here in the Pacific Northwest are getting more and MORE RAIN! I really wish we could share some of this abundance with Texas and other places that need it... Should be interesting as things continue to change.

      I KNOW WHERE YOU'RE HIDING..... Not really, but bet I had you there for a minute! Actually, my 6th sense really has given me a pretty good idea.... clue in your opening sentence, maybe?

    3. It's weird to drive from place to place and see floods, droughts, rain, and snow, and all within a matter of hours. Yesterday, I was wearing shorts in a tropical city and this morning I needed long sleeves.

      Maybe Texas should quit digging for oil and build water pipes to the Northwest!

  4. ticks. ugh. all too familiar.

    you'll be fine when you settle back in to the wyoming winter. nice thing about the that you always 'layer'...but here, in the heat...only so much can come off.

    i miss the cold. maybe we can swap some...

    1. So true! I'm sure I'll be complaining about the cold at some point, especially during the first winter back, before my blood thickens. =)

    2. ha! i look forward to your whining! haha.

      me...being originally from up north, NY...and even though i've been gone from there longer than i lived blood is still thick. man, do i get HOT easy. i love the cold.

      (by the way...i just changed my 'comments' to this format...i'll try it and see if i like it...thanks for sending me in the right direction...)

    3. Thanks! =)

      I gotta get over to your place and see. I'm liking the format here. Good luck!

  5. Here in the Northwest we have two seasons, Rainy and August.


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