Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Snuggie™ Sand Sculpting and Some Florida Facts

As you know from my last post, the Tumbleweeds were in Florida recently.  

My Wyoming friends roll their eyes when I tell them how hot it is in Florida and I can't blame them, really. It has been know to snow in June in Wyoming, but I just can't abide the heat. And the humidity is so thick and heavy, it's like wearing a hot wet Snuggie™ around your head. And arms because Snuggies™ have sleeves.

It wasn't as hot as it could have been and we did get to have our own bathroom.  For several days. *squeal*

Sarasota is on the west coast of Florida, south of Tampa and is home to the Ringling Bros. Circus, tons of old people and Siesta Key, a barrier island known for its powdery white sand.

We were there during the World Championship Sand Sculpting Event but only saw them from a distance, outside of the the roped off area because; A: we ran out of gas in the parking lot while waiting in line to find a spot among the 13.7 million other people waiting to find a spot, B: we got sidetracked with a couple who had a Boxer almost as cute as Jas, and 3: we didn't pay the $5 to get in closer because there was only 15 minutes left before they shut it down.

And Jeopardy was coming on soon. Shut up, we don't get to watch tv that often.

If you want to see them go here. The sand is so fine it feels like powdered sugar and they really did some cool things with it.

This is not a sand sculpture. Unless by
sand sculpture you mean sand that
has been walked on by a bunch
of people who should not
wear bikinis.

I joke about there being a lot of old people in Florida because it's one of those stereotypes that are true, but it's true only for the lower half of Florida.

Northern Florida has winter, working people, and southern accents. There are beaches and the summer and spring are hot, but it's not the Florida that you're most likely to see on tv or in movies.

Orlando, in the middle of the state, is the armpit dividing point. Anywhere south of there is more made-for-tv Florida: retirees, bright colors, banana trees, and Yankee accents. 

If I weren't such a pansy about the heat, I would extol the virtues of all the different kinds of Florida there are.  It would be an awesome state if not for that water-boarding Snuggie™ of heat oppression.

I don't want to end on a negative so I leave you with the following pictures guaranteed to make you happy, especially if you like sharks or hot dogs. And really, who doesn't?

Just a little Florida landscaping
in the neighborhood.
Jaws cruising along crushed
glass and seashells.

Deep fried hot dog at The Old Salty Dog.
A dog friendly place on Siesta Key.
Well, not friendly to hot dogs, obviously.
Don't say you've never wished this would
happen to that RV in front of you
on the highway.


  1. you reminded me...why the hell am i in florida!?? how did i get here?

    (seen those RV's stuck in the ground...unless they're in more than one place...i used to live by the exit that had that...I75/mcintosh rd)

  2. Even though I did visit Florida once when I was six I have always assumed real Florida is the same as the Florida in Miami Vice. People have tried to tell me this is inaccurate but I liked Miami Vice so I'm going to stick with it.

    P.S. Here in the NW it has been cold and monsoon type rainy for the past few days. Those pictures of sun and sand are making me want to check on flights to Florida. That and the hopes of someday finally getting to meet Crockett and Tubbs.

  3. ...christian@PCPPP...i would think a lot has changed down south since the miami vice days...better to stick with re-runs! ha! the music!! rocked in that show!!

  4. Laura, your posts and pics make me *almost* like Florida again! The RV's were just off of I-4 near I-75, I'm sure it must be the same place.

    Christian, I had a white Crockett-style blazer, rolled up sleeves and all back in the day, (8th grade) so, I hear ya. Long live self-delusion!

  5. yep! that's it...same place!
    so i guess you've seen the dinosaurs off I-4?? just...uh...east of the RV's doing a nose dive!

    (luckily...where i'm at...it doesn't really FEEL like florida if you know what i mean....)

  6. Man, that sand is white enough to blind you - especially with all the SUN they have down there. We were fortunate enough to see a sculpting contest in Ocean Shores, WA, so know that those who take part are SERIOUS about their work. I'd say the ones we saw were every bit as good as the ones shown on the link you provided. Don't think I could stand the heat & humidity down there - but SUN would be grand. Have a great Turkey-Day Tumbleweed, wherever you are!

  7. Laura, we did! In fact I am working on a post about roadside dinosaurs. They are everywhere! Yeah, I know what you mean. You're in a kind of secret Florida, that area doesn't get all the hype but has a lot to offer, and with less crowds!!

    Ladybug, Happy T-Day too! Those sand sculptors are artists for sure, such detail. Sure beats the pants off the big round mounds that I'm capable of!

  8. The snuggie comments is brilliant! I lived in Florida for 3 years, but in the north-of-armpit town, Gainesville which is full of students, not old people, since the university is its only feature :)

    I enjoyed the tubing down the springs, the portion sizes and the exciting feeling that you might be eaten by an alligator at any moment but was less keen on the desire to change my entire outfit after I walked into work.

  9. Where are the pictures of girls in bikinis?

  10. Elizabeth, Thanks for riding along! My husband and I were once canoeing around Gainesville, and the boat turned over (I'm a klutz) about 50 yards from a sunbathing alligator. Exciting was not the exact word that came to mind at the time, but it's accurate!

    Glen, trust me. In a town full of retirees, you would not have wanted one. You're welcome.


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