Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Douglas on the Road: The Thing Edition

Check out my latest Douglas on the Road column in the best small town newspaper in the free world, The Douglas Budget.  (It's better than the ones in the pay-per-view world too. Probably. I've never been there.)

Find out the secret of The Thing in Dragoon, Arizona and how a grasshopper almost murdered me.

Also, there are spiders.


  1. I must say I was a little disappointed that The Thing in Dragoon, AZ didn't turn out to be a dragon. Or as they call them in Arizona, a dragoon.

  2. Christian, I know, me too! They did have some sticks that were painted in a scary manner, though. And a fake Hitler in a car that he may or may not have used. Dragoonians are weird.

  3. cool column stacey! (maybe the freakiest part of the $1.00 what you couldn't see! it might be hidden under that fake sombrero! the 'thing's things?!)

    bugs. we can't escape 'em...esp here in FL...and i have learned my lesson...and always get second in line when wandering the yard...or the woods...or just going between trees!

    hey...according to the douglas budget...our temps are about the same! crazy, eh?

  4. Laura, Yeah, the Thing's things probably aren't very impressive. It was a small sombrero!

  5. haha!! google needs to add a 'like' button to comments!!


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