Thursday, September 22, 2011

On the Road Again. Now with more Bert!

The Tumbleweeds are together again, woohoo!

After a week apart, in which Himself and Jas trucked along without me and I spent time with family in Florida, our little Tumbleweed clan is whole once more.  It's nice to be in charge again, or rather have the illusion of being in charge again.

As much as I hate to admit it, I am more Bert than Ernie.  You know how Ernie's all laid back and fun to be around and walks around with a banana in his ear, while Bert and his unibrow have fun organizing a paper clip collection and worries about Ernie's mental health as Ernie walks around with a banana in his ear?  Yeah, that's me.  Minus the unibrow.  

I can hide my Bert-ness most of the time, (if you know me in real life: shut up, yes I can!), but take me out of my own world and plunge me into life surrounded by hordes of people, then the unibrow comes out and I need order.  And by hordes of people I mean anyone other than me.  

Now that I'm 40 and therefore wise *cough* I try to be more accepting of who I am and less focused on what I'm not.  For example, I will never again go into any job that involves selling anything.  I'm not good with people in general and I'm even worse at selling stuff to them.  

Here's a question though:  How does one stay true to oneself while at the same time not be an jerk?  Maybe that's harsh, but I can really be a pain.  Sometimes even I don't like being around me.  Does Bert ever feel this way, I wonder?  

Maybe I'm being unfair.  I don't think there's anything wrong with Bert. After all, I bet he's the one that pays the rent and buys toilet paper.  And it is frustrating to talk to someone with a banana in his ear.  He probably doesn't cuss like a sailor or get mad at the speed of light and stomp off in a fit of anger and put everyone on edge, but then again he is two years older than me.  Maybe there's hope after all.

Enough about me.  Here are some pictures:

I went four-wheeling with my dad in the woods
north of Jacksonville.  I'm always amazed at
how crowded with green Florida is. Such a
contrast to Wyoming.

Spiders the size of Volkswagens are another
thing we don't have in Wyoming.
PS  Next time on Confessions of a Tumbleweed, there will be more tumbleweeding and less confessions, I promise.  

PPS  Also, this was not a cry for help or a subversive tactic to get you to tell me that I'm not really all that bad.  In fact, I am hereby banning anyone to say anything nice about me.

PPPS  Also, Bert and Ernie are not gay; they are only muppets who happen to share a bedroom.  Bert has kind of thing for pigeons anyway.


  1. hey, we are who we are...just avoid the things that make your unibrow come out!

    ((i heard on the news that the latest STUDY said that sponge bob is NOT suitable for young children because after watching the spongey character...they can't FOCUS!! bob makes them too hyper! no wonder i i can relate to him...i prob would have been labeled ADD if they had that....back then...ha!)) what all THAT had to do w/ your post?? i don't know... spider!! and glad you're back on the rode!!

  2. did i say RODE?? road. you know what i meant...

  3. you are dead on accurate on your self analysis and was that a Florida Skunk Ape I saw in those pictures!?

  4. Oh man did you strike a chord with me with this Bert issue. As a child, I too found myself identifying more with Bert than Ernie and was not happy about it.

    I mean it was quite obvious that Ernie was supposed to be the cool happy go lucky, fun loving guy, while Bert was the stern responsible kill-joy.

    But on the other hand Ernie is also a complete idiot. So maybe being more like Bert isn't so bad.

  5. Laura, I would have to live all alone in a cave to avoid the unibrow! And then I'd only have me to blame and THAT's no fun!!

    Glen, No on the FSA, it's too hot! Also, I said not to say anything nice, that didn't mean to AGREE with me!!

    Christian, I know, right?! I also thought of Felix and Oscar, and Laverne and Shirley, and how the fun, easy person gets all the laughs and is who we should all aim to be and that somehow using logic and doing a pigeon dance is shameful. Well no more. NO MORE. (and it's not easy doing the pigeon dance going 61mph in a truck!)


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