Monday, September 12, 2011

Half the Tumbleweed I Used To Be

The Tumbleweeds have been torn apart. 

Actually, that sounds more dramatic than it is, but nevertheless, it feels true.

I am spending a few days with my mom in Florida, while Himself and Jasmine drive around the country without me.

As I typed the phrase, "spending some time in Florida", I heard Thurston Howell the Third's voice in my head and I realized no one would feel especially sorry for me having to spend time away from trucking, in the Sunshine State.

But before you picture me lying on a beach with an umbrella drink and Magnum PI waiting on me hand and foot, (I know he was in Hawaii, but shut up, this is my fantasy) let me set the record straight.

First of all, not every inch of Florida is on the coast.  Don't believe everything you see on tv.  I'm in a standard-issue suburb 40 miles inland and I have seen neither hide nor hairy mustache of Magnum.

Secondly, as anyone who knows me in real life can attest, ( I can hear the eye rolling now), I DO NOT LIKE THE HEAT.  The sun is not my friend and the humidity can bite me too.

Thirdly, while my mom is doing way better than she was a few moths ago, she is still very weak and needs lots of help.  She had a stroke last November and that sucks donkey balls even more than the Florida heat.

And finally, I miss Himself.  And Jasmine too.  A little.  I know she is lying curled up in my seat right now, happy to have me out of the way, so I'm not going to get all misty eyed about her.

Wow.  This is turning out to be a very whiny post and I haven't even given you a fun Florida fact.  I only have limited time on this computer so I will leave you with this:

Florida Evans


  1. can't blame ya for complaining...if i REALLY had a choice...i'd be far away from here myself!
    some day...
    but for's only a few days...hang in there and don't let the bed bugs bite. or the skeeters. or the sucking ticks. or the fleas. or the fire ants.... :)

  2. You shouldn't have mentioned Magnum PI. Now all I can do is picture you flying around shoreline cliffs in a helicopter while kick ass theme music is being played.

    Say hi to Higgins for me.

  3. Laura, I know! The bugs have bugs here!!

    Christian, How cool am I???? (Not much apparently, since all my pop culture references are 30 years old). But I'll give Higgy-baby a hug from you, anyway!

  4. This should ease your mind on missing Himself. There are always "LOT LIZARDS" to snuggle up with and keep company at the truck stops, so don't feel to sorry for him, and one of them could be Magnum PI, as I haven't seen much of him on the tele.

  5. Glen, Somehow that does NOT make me feel better, although a Lot Lizard that looked like Magnum would be a great improvement, looks wise!!

  6. "Love Will Tear Us Apart Again" JOY DIVISION

  7. Aaaah, what a sweet post. I have to tell you that I think of you, himslef, & Jas whenever we travel now & see all the big rigs on the highway. You DO help the rest of us out here in cyber-land get a different view of the trucking life. We were traveling through eastern OR not long ago when they closed the highway because a hay truck caught fire & burned to the ground. The backup was unbelievable & they had all the semis pull over to the right-hand shoulder - the line was at least 6+ miles long! I kept wondering what thoughts were going through all those truckers' minds? They finally let us all on the highway again... only about and hour's delay in our case, but I'm sure some folks waited much longer & a lot of delivery schedules must have needed to be re-worked! Take care, Tumbleweed.

  8. Well surely Magnum's had enough time in the sun to know how to mix you a really good cocktail?

    Hee. COCK.

  9. Ladybug, Thanks for the kind words. Trucking is such a strange life. We had a tornado go right over us once, on I-40, that shook the truck so bad I thought we'd be carried off. A few miles up the road, it had done just that, picked up a truck and flung it in a field. I think that one was a hay hauler too...those trucks are bad luck, I guess!!

    Veg, Dude! Oh, yeah the Magpi has it going on.


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