Friday, June 3, 2011

Pungent Polecat or Curious Chupacabra?

 National Geographic skunks are cute.
Real ones? Not so much.

You may want to back away from your computer a bit before you read any further. This week the Tumbleweeds do not smell nice. 

What's black, white and stinky all over and does not want to be BFF with Jasmine? Skunk. Polecat. Stinktier.

Our crazy, sweet, wild, obedient dog decided to ambush some weeds to find out what smelled so darn good. I'm sure a dog that eats goose turds like they were french fries, finds eau de Pepe Le Pew delightful.

It all started innocently enough. Jasmine and I took our last walk of the evening behind a warehouse complex, in Mesquite, Texas. We were parked for the night at the consignee, where we would deliver in the morning. The property was surrounded by fields and lots of grass; it was quiet and we were the only people there, a rare find for us.

I had her on leash, since we are still practicing that particular skill. Picture trying to walk the Tasmanian Devil and you have a pretty good idea what it looks like. It was dark and she was on hyper alert, as always, ready to attack tree stumps and boulders at the drop of a hat. She kept pulling, yanking, and lunging to get these nefarious threats and I was getting tired of it. So when she started pulling so hard she was standing on her hind feet, I let go of the leash, ready to laugh when she realized it was just a clump of tall weeds. The laugh was on me.

She stormed into the weeds, thrashed around and came out foaming at the mouth like Cujo, flinging drool everywhere and smelling like a rancid Chupacabra. In fact, the smell wasn't like the skunk odor I was used to from roadkill. You know that smell? It was different somehow, acrid like burnt rubber and so strong I could taste it. I never saw the creature in the weeds, maybe it was a Chupacabra.

From Fox News. This is the stuff they
report on when they aren't looking
for Obama's birth certificate.

I did a little research on the Google but never came up with any other aninmal that sprays in self defense like a skunk. 

Fact: There are seven major volatile compounds that make up skunk spray. As shown here:

No idea what this means. 
But I don't need fancy chemistry to know that they all combine to stink like crazy and attach their nasty little compounds up my nose and everywhere else. Jasmine got sprayed right in the mouth, the poor little dummy; I wonder if she'll try to make friends with a skunk again. Probably.

As you can tell, the smell is really bothering her.


  1. My goodness gracious alive, I never met anyone that actually smelled a real live Cupacabra, what an experience!

  2. EWWW - poor Jasmine. Poor you, for needing to clean her up. Lucky for her, she wasn't a goat, eh? So, did you use the tomato juice or some other substance to get the smell out of her? We've only hit them (skunks, that is) on the road, but that's bad enough sometimes. I can only imagine having a "skunked" dog in your close quarters. Soo, WHO slept with the dog that night - or was sleep even in the picture then??

    Nice to have you back!

  3. Poor you! I've had watery eyes from skunk spray 50 ft away, I can't imagine what that's like in a small space. I'm curious how long it takes to get the smell out of the dog, and how long it lingers everywhere else.

    Then again, perhaps I'd rather not know. Nice to get to read you again!

  4. Hah! My dog would have probably still been in those weeds rubbing his face in it.

    This would have been a delightfully funny story if I didn't know first hand just how bad that really does smell! :-)

  5. @ Doug- Yes I am cool like that. I'll probably still have some of that smell on me next time I see you, so don't be too excited!

    @ Ladybug-Yes, poor Jasmine, since most of it went in her mouth! There wasn't much to be done. We stayed outside until the drooling stopped. We slept with the windows open and the a/c on, since it was Texas hot. It was not the best night of sleep, to say the least!

    @ M-Oh yeah, it lingers! The bad thing is, it took me until the next day to realize the leash and her collar were soaked in it, I could have tied those outside the truck and knocked down some of the smell. We ride with the back windows open and blow in some 60mph breeze all day. Surprisingly, the smell is almost gone. Too bad almost, when it comes to skunk smell, isn't cutting it!

    @ Cbeck- I know, right? I have no faith that she would do it all over again if given the opportunity!

  6. ....a few HOURS with NOTHING to do...but try to make my way through blogs...catching up on my reading...and FINALLY...catching up with the tumbleweeds! yeah!
    and what do i find...just a bunch of stink! luckily...i've never been sprayed...but IN THE MOUTH!! OH! poor jasmine! guess she's not living up to her name NOW!!
    did she inherit that pillow forever?!!
    ...keep on tumbling...

  7. ...i just REread my comment...and i want to be sure you understand i mean "just a bunch of stink" a GOOD way...a FUN & full of stink info!! :]
    (here's hoping that none in your trio gets sprayed again!)

  8. Haha! Howdy Laura! We aren't quite as stinky anymore, but then again maybe we're just gettig used to it!

    Now it's my turn to stay away from the computer...I have a lot of catching up to do too.

    And, that was her pillow to begin with, we hid our stuff from her!

  9. ok...whew! usually you're so damn quick to comment back...i thought maybe i said something TOO stinky...

    glad to hear that was jasmine's bed & pillow she was drooling all over! ha!

    well...have some good 'catch-up' time...i know how that is...i'm always behind...
    keep on tumbling...safely.... :)


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