Friday, January 28, 2011

Beanie Weenies and Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Ad
Somebody needs a hobby...

Get your kicks on Route 66.....with a vacuum cleaner??

Yes! In St. James Missouri, on that historic road, there is a museum dedicated to the humble vacuum cleaner. Actually these people make vacuum cleaners too, the Riccar and Simplicity. Ever heard of them? Me neither, but hey my vacuum cleaner is NOT my honey, so what do I know?

Winter landscape in Tennessee
Flashback to earlier this week in Tennessee. We had to go to the Beenie Weenie factory in Newport. It's actually ConAgra and they also make Hunt's Ketchup. But the town smells overwhelmingly like Beanie Weenies. 

We went to bed with rain and woke up to snow, in a black and white world. 

Now our next task in laundry. The underpants situation is reaching critical mass.

Up close with snow....Or a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Guess what this is?!

Mount Froot Loop Dust!

....and healthy too!!


  1. HA!! just one adventure after another!
    i'm already laughing before i even get here!!

    i appreciate a good vacuum...ha! one that really SUCKS and doesn't throw dust out the back end as it's sucking up from the bottom~! but a museum? about vacuums??!!

    i like that old AD though...and that's how it was back then sadly...the woman. the wife. at home. where she belongs...married to her appliances...doing what she does cooking. pleasing...her...husband...aaaaaargh!! we've come a long way baby! HA! your other pic's...the snow...the...what? fruit loops dust?!

    i guess there could be worse smells for a town...than smelling like weenies! or ketchup!

    next stop...laundromat...aaaahhh, nothing like warm soft clothes fresh outa the dryer...HA!

    take care... laura :]

  2. I love the smell of pork & beans in the morning

  3. HA!! to douglas! you got that right...way better than napalm...

  4. @ Laura, yes Froot Loop dust! The colors were so pretty I couldn't resist..I'm sure it's all natural too!!
    Yes, we have come a long way! I wouldn't have survived the 50's in suburbia, yikes, cleaning in HEELS!

    @ Doug, I think Beenie Weenies can be pretty explosive too!!!

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