Monday, January 10, 2011

Life Goes On

Today we are leaving our little comfy nest of home. We will go back to the world of the working people.

But first an explanation. 

This Blog is supposed to be humorous. I share tales of my experiences as a Professional Passenger, but sometimes life gets in the way of humor. My mother, known as Mona in her comments here, had a stroke in November. She spent four weeks in a hospital and now she is in a nursing home. I don't know what the future holds for her. Things are better than a month ago, but that isn't saying a whole lot.

It seemed to me wrong, somehow to write about silly, trivial things while she suffered; while so many things were left unknown. If it weren't so sad, believe me, I could tell incompetent doctor stories of unbelievable stupidity that far surpass the craziest truck driver story. But I'm not.

I find myself feeling guilty for laughing or enjoying life while she can't. And yet Life goes on even in the midst of uncertainty. Life goes on even though my heart aches for my Mama whose body is here while her mind is lost. Life goes on even though all the right words never got said. The world just keeps turning, unaware.

So today I begin again with this silly blog and the day to day adventures of life on the road without my biggest fan being able to share in it. 

The Prettiest Mama in the World


  1. Well said and our thoughts and prayers are with you!

  2. Am I your only fan on here now after your break?

  3. no no!! i'm a fan!! here i am!! just too busy, as usual...and have alot of catching up to do!

    your post...well said...and it's OK...for you to live life...even with your mom where she is right now. deep within her she knows and feels your love. she wouldn't want you to stop everything...put a hold on your life...she understands that life goes on.

    she's with you all the time...where ever you are...she's probably waiting for you to make her smile...with one of your FUNNY stories of road adventures!

    hang in there...i know it's a rough road to travel...

  4. OH YEAH! forgot to say...i'm GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!!!! :]

  5. Thanks Laura! That means a lot to me. You can never tell who's reading or if it means anything, sometimes I feel like a wanker for even HAVING a blog! Of course I don't feel like so much of a wanker to stop...;)

    Put your seatbelt on, we're going for a ride!

  6. Much love to you Tumbleweed. Much love.


  7. Aw, thanks MRod!
    What a great bunch of people take time to read this, it's very humbling...and inspiring!

  8. I have wanted to comment on this heart wrenching post since the first time I viewed it with tears in my eyes. But each time I tried to reply, I would see that sweet, sweet, picture of the most beautiful Mama in the world, and I would automatically shut down my heart before it would beome overcome with emotions I just wasn't ready to handle at that time.

    Your words could not have been more carefully chosen and your message could not have been more eloquently portrayed. I know I couldn't be prouder of you and Mona is going to be soooooo proud when she see's she got front page billing.

    As for fans, I hope you know by now, that there are many of us whose lives are a little brighter and lighter because of you. But more importantly, next to Mona, I will always be your biggest fan, always in your corner, cheering you on. I love you my little sissyboo!

  9. Thanks Cari. That means the world to me. My life is so much better with you in it.

  10. I can identify with your feelings. My father is dying and although his body is still alive today, his mind is lost in confusion, delusions, and hallucinations. I wish you and your family all the best.

  11. Thanks BA, it truly sucks, my heart goes out to you too.


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