Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thumb-Wrestling Donuts

We are in Grand Rapids, Michigan and if you think there is no such thing as heaven, well then, you my friend have never had a  Krispy Kreme donut.

Today the Tumbleweeds had a chance to get some and get 'em we did. Hot off the fryer, their signature glazed donut melts as you bite into it and your lips are left with sweet sweet sugar. Mmmmm donuts..... I really don't know how or why any other donut chains are still in business. All donut makers should turn off their fryers and bow down to the double K. There's no contest, all other donuts pale in comparison. In fact, I will thumb wrestle anyone who says different, into submission.

OK, I'm calm now. Just gotta work off the sugar high. Caffeine too, since they have a Kreme Latte, which has their special super secret sweetness in an espresso with milk and it is also very good.

**Confession Time**
I am a hairy wildebeest, apparently. I am constantly picking off loose hairs from my shirt, the floor, the dashboard, my cereal and I don't have long hair. I can't imagine what it's like to be Crystal Gale, she must have to keep a vacuum cleaner attached to head at all times to suck up strays. I may be showing my age if right now you're scratching your head, wondering who in the Heckle and Jeckle Crystal Gale is. Who are Heckel and Jeckel? Well look it up on the Google is all I have to say about it, I can't do all the work here!

Sign of the day: Watch Out for Hidden Driveways

Are these driveways playing hide and seek with each other and they may jump out at any moment and yell "You're IT!" or is it like Batman's cave, hidden behind a bunch of shrubs? Either way it's unsettling. You can't do anything about sneaky driveways playing games and I don't think the County or State should be ratting out Batman. I just might have to thumb-wrestle somebody.


  1. you are correct on the Krispy Kreme being the best on the planet earth and you were also right on the hairy wildebeest part and the worlds most underated sport of thumb wrestling!

  2. you are correct on the Krispy Kreme being the best on the planet earth and you were also right on the hairy wildebeest part and the worlds most underated sport of thumb wrestling!

  3. so true, I had to say it twice!!

  4. You can put me down as someone who will also thumb wrestle into submission any fool who doesn't think KK's are the best donuts in the civilized, and uncivilized, world. I may submit this message three times just to prove I'm even more passionate about donuts than Glen.
    You may remember that I'm currently on a RV road trip with my long suffering husband and two highly intelligent Yorkies. While rolling along enjoying the brillant colors of fall, I saw an interesting sign that read - Expect delays Blasting. I was pretty tense not knowing when, where or why there would be blasting and then I saw a sign that said Deer Crossing. I figured we were out of danger if the area was safe enough for deer to legally cross the highway. I was just sorry there were no deer actually crossing at the time we went by - they were probably busy at work or something.

  5. It's ironic that you wrote about my favorite donut. Our local newspaper is running a contest to decide who has the tastiest donuts in Jax, FL and it just so happens that my vote goes to Krispy Kreme everytime I turn the computer on. So for anyone reading this who lives in Jax, FL, go online and vote at Jacksonville.com for the all time best donut known to man Krispy Kreme or get ready to thumb wrestle.

  6. Wanted to update you on the contest for the favorite donut shop in Jacksonville, FL that the Times Union was running. I'm heartbroken to say that our favorite, KK, did not win. The top 3 were:

    1. Cinotti's Bakery
    2. The Donut Shoppe
    3. Edgewood Bakery

    Can you believe it! Well, I certainly am dissapointed with the taste buds of my hometown. I did post a comment notifying them of our challenge to a thumb wrestling contest. But as of yet, sadly no reply.

  7. Thanks Cari! Edgewood Bakery??! Yeck, they haven't been good in 15 years. I demand a recount!!

  8. Edgewood Bakery used to be owned by a bunch of Kruats... If I remember correctly..


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