Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Mason Dixon Line and Low Flying Aircraft

We woke up in Gettysburg PA this morning surrounded by fog and it was cool enough to snuggle under the blankets. We didn't get to do any sight seeing, although a few years ago, we got tangled up in our directions and drove straight into Gettysburg.  All 18 wheels and 75 feet of us! It was definitely not truck friendly, but then again, we've been to New Jersey so dirty looks don't phase us!

Yesterday we crossed the Mason Dixon line. You always hear of that being the border between the North and South but it predates the Civil War and the United States themselves.  In 1763 Englishmen Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon were asked to resolve an 80 year property dispute between land owners in Maryland and Pennsylvania. They lay stone markers indicating the boundary using the stars to calculate the path through the wilderness. It took 5 years to mark out the 233 mile long boundary. When I think about people doing things like this with only their minds, pen and paper, and the stars, I realize how much I don't know about how things work.  Stars and math seem to be at the root of all things and I don't know anything about either. I hope I never get sent back in time, I would not be a good representative of the future and I wouldn't last very long without hot water and a toothbrush.

Crazy signs of the day: "Warning Low Flying Aircraft" What are you supposed to do with this information? Shouldn't the aircraft be watching for the interstate? Presumably the aircraft can move out of the way, cars and trucks on the road certainly can't! Also today at the shipper, a huge distribution center, a sign saying "Live Driver Staging Area". Now, we have met truck drivers that had the IQ of the walking dead, but they were in fact still alive.


  1. There is a low flying aicraft sign just outside Spearfish, SD on the interstate that has been there for as long as I can remember and I always ask whoever the exact same thing you ask. How funny! Just duck I guess?!

  2. Not sure if you are familiar with Roadside America. However, while reading your blog I am reminded of many fun things I have done from their list of random oddities...

    Hope you are well...


  3. Thanks MRod! I have seen that website and in fact just used it recently to find the Eiffel Tower in Texas!!

  4. funny signs! i always notice that stuff too...

    i noticed a sign on our last road trip vacation (i wish i had gotten a picture of it!) said "warning. sun may be blinding"...on a road heading west!

    travel safe... :]

  5. Hey Laura! Thank goodness for signs like these, we would all be so lost without them! :)
    I wonder if they take that sign down in the morning when the sun is in the east??


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