Saturday, June 23, 2012

Willlie Nelson, Wildfires, and Work at Home

On the road again. ♪♪ Doot doot dood-a-doot ♪♪, on the road again.

We're just like Willie Nelson, minus the marijuana and the tax bill. We pay our taxes, Willie Nelson! Because we are patriots Willie Nelson. And also scared of the IRS.

We had some time off at home (with our own bathroom!!) and to give you an idea of how we spent it, I will give you two lists and you try to guess who did what. Ready?

One of us did these things:

Pressure-washed the roof
Installed a roof vent
Tore off the roof
Replaced the roof
Installed gutters on the roof
Rebuilt the space shuttle
Performed maintenance on everything thing we own that has an engine
Networked every business in town to find employment

One of us did these things:

Exploded several small cakes in the oven
Painted a door
Gave Liberace Rabbit a make-over
Made a space helmet for Chuck Yeager Monkey
Avoided human contact at every possible turn

Yes, Himself is the master of all things.

In my defense, I did look as busy as Himself did. I just didn't accomplish as much.

But surely you will agree that Liberace Rabbit was looking a bit pasty and the dye-job was much needed.

Also, it was just silly not to make a space helmet out of Chuck Yeager Monkey's birth pod.


In other news, the Rocky Mountains have disappeared from view in Ft. Collins, Colorado just north of Denver.

Facing west off of I-25. A wall of smoke
instead of the Rockies.

I didn't fiddle with the colors at all on this picture; the smoke was so thick that it filtered the sun and turned everything a weird, dull yellow and totally obliterated the mountains. It's going to be a brutal summer for firefighters in the west.

So we are escaping and heading east to Maine.

View from our new roof
of our escape transport, Mr.Big.


  1. I'm sorry but "Made a space helmet for Chuck Yeager Monkey" outweighs all the other tasks put together.

    1. That's kinda what I was thinking but I didn't want to make Himself feel bad.

  2. You are such a nut! So much fun to read this post and see the two lists of what you guys did lol. Absolutely loved the pictures of Liberace Rabbit getting his tan - and the helmet was hilarious too. Thanks for sharing :-)

    I'll not say anything about the fire because they scare me! ;-)

    1. Thanks Lady! Liberace Rabbit really enjoyed the nude sunbathing. He feels very European now.

  3. I'm impressed! I don't think I have the energy or focus to make a space helmet for anyone or anything.

    1. Thank you sir. *takes a deep bow*
      It's a wonder that NASA hasn't called me yet.

  4. I'm impressed with Himself's Space Shuttle repair work and your tanning booth work on Liberace

    1. The work Himself does is definitely more practical, but I think Liberace Rabbit deserved some Diva time. I hope he doesn't get skin cancer from all that sun. ;)

  5. i think liberace rabbit would look very cool if he was tie-dyed!

    1. hee hee. I don't know, I think he's more gaudy-Las Vegas-glitter-diva-rabbit than down to earth hippy rabbit. ;)

  6. Aaaaw, I love the color-coordinated couple! The helmet is spectacular & it might even trump the space shuttle rebuild, especially since that program's now defunct...

    Maybe costume design is in your future?

    1. Thanks! I doubt that will ever happen. My eyes get crossed after about 10 minutes of costume desgining...although Libberace Rabbit has been bugging me to make him a wedding dress. ;)


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