Thursday, June 14, 2012

Liberace Rabbit Finds Love

Remember how last week I talked about doing kid fun stuff like racing through an outdoor maze (that I won), and playing Ms. Pac Man etc., at Action City in Eau Claire, Wisconsin?

Well, we did. If you don't remember then maybe you need to lay off the Mountain Dew.

Anyway, I forgot to mention that while there, I found the perfect mate for Liberace Rabbit.

Side Note:
He wanted to marry an astronaut, but as we all know President Obama ruined that by cancelling the space program and now there are no astronauts. Way to go socialism. 

It doesn't matter now though, because there's a new pilot in town and his name is Chuck Yeager Monkey.

That is one manly monkey.

Himself won him in a game of chance skill at Action City while I was in the bathroom. (Surprisingly, my system rejected a gallon of orange soda, a box of Hot Tamales, and 2 slices of cardboard pizza.)

I knew right away that this would be Liberace Rabbit's dream-monkey. Who needs an astronaut when you have a legacy (in monkey form) of the ultimate bad ass test pilot who broke the sound barrier in 1947?

They're like twins, no?

They didn't even know if a human could survive flying faster than sound back then, and Chuck Yeager was not only the first man in the world to do it, he did it just days after cracking his ribs on a horseback riding accident. Bad. Ass.

Liberace Rabbit was thrilled, as you can imagine.

I felt the need to add a couple of things to Chuck Yeager Monkey, to make him more manly. A needle, some thread, and two buttons did the job:

A strong (monkey) man needs strong brows.

Men don't really use nipples
but I think they give him
a certain animal magnetism.

 Liberace Rabbit approves.

Chuck Yeager Monkey originally came squashed in a red plastic ball (he never complained about the cramped quarters. Because he is bad ass) and I am in the process of converting that into a helmet.

Liberace Rabbit has also graciously decided to give up his fire-fighter costume so I can make a flight suit for his new beau.

It's a perfect fit.


  1. Those are some very manly looking brows you've stitched.

    1. Thank you! Only the manliest for Chuck Yeager Monkey would do. ;)

  2. A lot of people don't know this but if you are going to be breaking the sound barrier you're gonna want to have some nipples.

    1. I did not know that but it sounds completely true, because birds don't have nipples and they can't fly faster than sound. You may have just unlocked the secret of the universe.

  3. oh yeah. liberace rabbit looks as contented as i've ever seen him.
    button nipples are better than no nipples! i can see some shenanigans in the near future...
    what a duo!

    1. They make quite the pair, don't they? Let's hope he's man enough to put up with Liberace Rabbit's diva qualities. ;)

  4. Aww... so happy they've found love. Can you hold a marriage ceremony for them next? And can I be invited? ;-)

    1. You bet!

      Just don't say anything about the bride not wearing white, he goes for flashier colors. ;)

  5. Are they registered anywhere? Oh, look at me, rushing things. I hope I haven't jinxed it.

    1. They aren't registered anywhere. Yet. But the way they are snuggled up, it won't be long before the planning starts.

  6. Now, I'm a little confused:

    1. You said before that NASA concelled the space program & now you say Obama did... Obama is backing same sex marriage, tho, so maybe that's a fair trade in this case.

    2. I do see the resemblance of the 2 Yeagers - especially in the ears, nose, & close-set eyes (can't see the man's hair line, but looks suspiciously the same.)

    3. The fire-fighter/flight suit outfit is divine, but the monkey looks quite "glittery" without it. Isn't that more of Liberace Rabbit's style? Besides, with the weather extremes you've been driving through lately, perhaps "au naturel" is best...

    4. I do question the ethics of whoever would stuff a monkey inside a ball - maybe that's why he needed those eyebrows & nipples? Hope he recovers soon.

    5. May they both live happily ever after! (Whatever their union, I support it - socialism?)

    1. 1. Yeah, but I wonder how he feels about Rabbit/Monkey marriage. ;)

      2. Liberace Rabbit is thrilled to have such an icon (in monkey form) to be all his!

      3. Glittery is definitely more of LR's style. Plus Chuck Yeager Monkey is a manly-monkey... I need to come up with a more drab flight suit.

      4. He's tough!

      5. I hope LR doesn't get too clingy too soon. Macho test pilots *hate* that.


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