Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Tree of Utah Has Balls

 Metaphor: The Tree of Utah....what?

I-80 mile marker 26

Dedicated in 1986 by a Swedish artist with the inscription; "A hymn to our universe whose glory and dimension is beyond all myth and imagination".

What the what? I have no idea what an 87 foot concrete tennis ball tree has to do with myth and imagination but then again, I'm not Swedish. Although, once I did tour a Swedish Navy ship and those were some of the best looking people I have ever seen. They were all clean and shiny and milky looking.

This landscape is beautiful without the Ball Tree, I think. It's stark, endless, surreal. One hundred miles west of the mountains of Salt Lake City and all of sudden you're in the middle of this great expanse of sky and flatness.

I wouldn't want to live on the great salt flats. But sometimes I think beauty is where we find it, how we find it.

I just love looking into the distance on the highway. I feel like Wile E Coyote. Anything's possible!

Great Salt Lake Desert

The art could be worse, I guess. It could have been Freddy Krueger hands in Iowa.

The Great Salt Lake.
This is where Sea Monkeys come from.


  1. You've been all over the U.S. and this is the first tennis ball tree you've found! Great stuff

  2. We're hoping to see a huge ball of twine next! ;)

  3. That was I on that Swedish navy ship!

  4. i wonder if they put that fence around the tennis ball tree, to keep people from hitting the balls?!

    oh i miss those mountains!
    and...i have a picture of myself somewhere...floating in the great salt lake...when i was like...22...wow! i remembered!

    Freddy Krueger hands?!! ha! also on I80...what's with that road??

    love your post! love laughing so hard first thing in the morning...that my coffee comes out my nose!! :]

  5. Laura you better get a keyboard protector for all that snorted out coffee!!


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