The Unicorn Chicken Award

The Unicorn Chicken Award is the kind of award you give to that special blogger or friend that you think is super neat-o.

It comes with no obligation on their part or your part or anybody's part.

Post the Unicorn Chicken Award on your blog with a link to the Neato-O blog* that you think needs to be read.

Post the Unicorn Chicken Award to your friend's Facebook wall when they've done something that should be recognized. Or just because.

Post the Unicorn Chicken Award on the Twitter box to your favorite Twitterer.

When you give someone the Unicorn Chicken Award you are saying:

"Hey, you're pretty ok!"


"Way to go!"

"I'm pregnant!" (use your discretion with this one)

Most importantly, the Unicorn Chicken Award should only be used for good.

The Unicorn Chicken Award is free of charge to all who know how to copy and paste and promise to use it to make the world a better place.

*Just so you know, Christian and Pat over at Point Counter-Point Point Point hold the inaugural Unicorn Chicken Award and Alec Guinness is already planning on teaching them Jedi mind tricks. It is not included in the copy-and-pasting of this award.

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